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DSEK to counter academic disruptions, issues planner  

DSEK to counter academic disruptions, issues planner  
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Srinagar: Amid the continuous closure and fewer academic activities in schools, the Directorate of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) has released an academic planner wherein it has decided to categorize the schools in three categories based on their annual performance.

According to the new academic planner which has been released for the academic year 2018, the schools have been asked to implement Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) that will take into account the students attendance, teacher attendance, effectiveness of remedial classes, minutes, decisions and their implementation in Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings and Knowledge Register maintenance.

“The online monitoring and the punching of results will help us to generate school results besides capturing of other indicators with respect to this academic planner and subsequently the schools will be accordingly graded,” read the content of the academic planner.

As per the document the schools will be divided in three sections- Yellow, Green and Red based on the learning levels of students.

If the school has good learning levels it will be put in the category of Green while as institutions having average learning outcome will be in Yellow category and those institutions with below average learning outcomes will be in the category of Red schools.

“At the end of every academic session one of the elementary schools shall be judged as the school of the year at zonal, district and divisional level based on school Performance index which will be based on online academic monitoring of different subjects strictly according to the learning outcomes, document of NCERT distributed to all elementary schools through state project directorate SSA J&K,” reads the document.

The department as per the academic calendar has also decided to constitute different clubs in schools, which will comprise of students and teachers. It is aimed at to inculcate leadership qualities among students.

“All the students and the teachers should opt for at least one club at the beginning of the academic session. After finalizing the members, clubs should notify their calendar of activities for the year in the first fortnight of the academic session,” it reads.

As per the academic planner, the schools have been asked to make their own plan for different activities and give exact dates in the beginning of the session.

“The students will be in different clubs, like eco club, sports club, adventure club, science club, culture, art and heritage club and students will accordingly participate in activities related to their clubs,” the planner reads.

Students will be also divided in different houses, wherein every school will comprise of four ‘houses’ among which all the students and staff of the school would be equally divided.

“The names of the houses will be designated on the basis of heritage, Sufi saints, Poets, prominent rivers, flowers and great personalities. Students shall be nominated as House Captain, House Vice-Captain and would carry badges for the academic year,” reads the academic planner.

“Points shall be added or deducted from the house tally on weekly basis according to the performance of the house in organising morning assembly and school discipline.”

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