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Student teacher ratio fails to impress in Bandipora 

Student teacher ratio fails to impress in Bandipora 
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Srinagar: Signifying the poor performance of the authorities in school education department to streamline student teacher ratio in government schools, gross violations of norms have been reported in schools spread across Bandipora.

In the district, the authorities have thrown norms to the wind and accommodated some influential teachers in easily accessible schools. The adjustment is made at the expense of students enrolled in schools located in far off areas of the district.

Girls Middle School Onagam in Bandipora is one such school. The enrollment of the school is 126. The school has nine classes from Kindergarten to class 8th. The government has posted six teachers and one headmaster in the institution.

“For nine classes we have only six teachers, telling upon the academics of students. At times if any teacher is on leave, it creates much inconvenience as it becomes hard to attend classes of all students,” said a group of teachers of the school.

“Even if there are only two to three students in a class, they need to have a teacher to take their class. We can’t ignore any student enrolled in this school.”

According to officials, four teachers of this government school have been deployed in other schools located in areas which are near to the main town.

“The schools where they are deployed have few students but excessive staff. Ironically, department has still posted these teachers in such schools,” the officials said.

By resorting to such moves the school is facing dearth of teachers, the department has posted 15 teachers in a Government High School Kaloosa for 130 students.

“The school has five classes from 6th to 10th but department has deployed excessive staff in the school. Some teachers don’t take any class in this school but are adjusted there to occupy the post and get the salary at the end of every month,” the official said, adding that these teachers bypass the zonal and district authorities and get their adjustment approved by higher ups in the department with the instructions to ZEO and CEO to “adjust them as per their choice.”

The officials said the disproportionate teacher student ratio has created muck in the schools and is affecting the children of poor parents.

“The issue was raised in meetings several times but in vain,” an official said, adding that the deficiency of teachers in schools is the major factor affecting learning outcome in schools.

“Irony is that there is no dearth of teachers in the district but the department has failed to rationalize them properly,” said an official.

Director School Education Kashmir (DSEK) G N Itoo when contacted said he will take up the matter with Chief Education Officer (CEO) Bandipora and instruct him to resolve the issue.

“Student is a priority for us and we are making efforts to provide adequate staff in schools so that the students get quality education. But there can be some errors in rationalization of teachers which will be taken care of,” he said.


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