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iPhone X-like gestures may be coming to Android P 

iPhone X-like gestures may be coming to Android P 
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New Delhi: Android P will embrace the notch. Now it seems Android P will embrace gestures too. There are two ways to look at it. Either Google is too lazy to think out-of-the-box with its next major Android release, or it’s now taking the fight straight to Cupertino, trying to make iPhone users well at home, so they can effortlessly make the switch. A new 9to5Google report suggests that Google is working on a completely rehashed version of Android’s navigation bar with gesture support in Android P.

Although the report does not mention an exact number, it talks about at least one gesture — swipe up from the bottom to bring out multitasking/recently opened apps — that’s under the works. Take note that although Google may be toying around with the feature right now, it doesn’t mean gestures will actually be coming to Android P. They may or they may not. Having said that since Google has already confirmed notch support, and said that Android P will fully embrace it upon official release, so can gestures. This is because, Android P, seems to be all about embracing big, bezel-less screens, and getting rid of the navigation bar as and when possible, should be right up there in the list.

Coming back to what’s being reported, Google apparently shared the information accidentally on its official Android Developers Blog through a screenshot that showed off a redesigned navigation bar with minimal keys. There was the back key, that’s being said to occur only when needed, disappearing at all the other times. However, in the centre, lay a new pill-shaped key that didn’t actually look like a key. It, in fact, looked like something — a marker — that would guide you into swiping up from the bottom. The report does not specifically say if it’s a button or just a marker. But it’s clearly different from the current circular home button found in Android 8.1 Oreo. The screenshot has since been cropped by Google to remove the navigation bar.

Gestures, it must be noted, aren’t new to the Android ecosystem anymore. Some of the Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo are already offering them. While Vivo offers these gestures atop Android Oreo in the case of its recently launched V9, Xiaomi takes things a little further by offering gesture support through MIUI 9 based on Android Nougat. All the gestures, on offer, seem to be greatly inspired by the iPhone X.

And with reports of Android P embracing them, ist won’t be long before gestures become the new normal in the Android world as well. Of course, that will also depend on, how quickly OEMs get on-board the Android P bandwagon. Google, for your reference, is expected to make more information regarding Android P public at its upcoming I/O 2018 Developer’s Conference in the days to come.  (Agencies)


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