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Sundays will no more be ‘fun days’ for kids

Sundays will no more be ‘fun days’ for kids
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PSAK to seek approval from govt on keeping schools open on holidays

Srinagar: A day after union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) asked the school education department to increase the number of working days in schools to 200, the private schools are mulling to seek permission from the government to keep schools open on Sundays.

The Private School Association Kashmir (PSAK) on Saturday stated that it will approach government with a proposal and seek redefinition of holidays.

“We will submit a proposal to the government and see if we can keep our schools open on some holidays as well,” said President PSAK GN Var.

He said the decision will help the students to have more working days and will compensate academic loses caused due to frequent closure of schools in the valley.

“From March 1 till date we had just 20 working days and in 2016 we had just 83 working days against normal requirement of 180 working days in schools,” Var said, adding that students faced academic loses in 2017 due to the closure of schools.

The association had called for a meeting and invited various academicians and senior advocate Zaffar Ahmad Shah to seek suggestions for strengthening private educational sector.

“We are catering to 80 percent students in the valley particularly in city and towns. And we are accountable to parents of students enrolled in our schools,” Var said.

Senior Advocate Zaffar Ahmad Shah suggested the association to establish a society for private schools which will have members from civil society, parents and other walks of life which will monitor the functioning of the private schools in Kashmir.

“There is a bad perception about private schools among parents and society as a whole. It should be changed and you should take your profession as a mission. Don’t run your schools with commercial interests,” Shah said in the meeting.

The private schools association also advocated shifting of exam session from November to March saying that it will bring accountability in students about their their attendance.

“If exams are conducted in March, it will increase working days in schools and help students to compete in various national level competitive exams,” the members of the private schools association said.

The association members said holding exams in March will curb the menace of private coaching as well.

Professors from Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST), Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University (BGSBU) Rajouri and other academicians, besides civil society members were also present in the meeting.


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