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Editorial: The battle has just begun

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No surprises that the Kathua case has become the talk of the town. Primarily, the society we live in and the conscious members, irrespective of the fact which region they belonged to, stood up and raised their voice against the crime that has put humanity to shame.

The case, though much a talked about now has not reached its conclusion, but has begun now and the society needs not to get complacent about the achievements, whatsoever so far. The accomplishment of getting two ministers of the rightwing party to tender their resignations is not what the war cry was all about.

The fallout of the Kathua case is so harsh and deep rooted that we need to wake up from the deep slumber and get ourselves shakingly awake so that we realize the morass the society we live in, has got itself into. The case of little Asifa is far from over as the battle to get the case to its logical conclusion has just begun.

For the government to take a call on some of the side issues, like getting the policemen named in the chargesheet terminated from their services and establishing a fast track court to help the case move fast, are purely administrative decisions which the government is in a better position to take a call on.

However, we as a society have to move beyond this. The Kathua rape and murder case has left many lessons for us to learn. It all depends how sensitive and conscious we emerge after such a tragedy and how do we plan our next move.

The Kathua case has given us an ample response about the divisions the society has witnessed in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The battle lines were drawn much ahead of the day the crime was planned and executed. The government in power or other political parties may not be willing to accept the fact that the fault lines within our age old social structures and traditions are visible, but it is a reality. Only political cataracts are not letting them see through the veracity.

The people in the state of Jammu and Kashmir are being divided for vested interests and people on both sides of the divide are responsible for this. If the political parties today feel shy or disinclined to accept the reality, it cannot be helped.

The emergence of rightwing forces in Jammu region should have been an alarm bell for all those conscious citizens of the state who claim to represent the saner voices, but unfortunately the alarm bells were put on silent mode and the damage was left to happen that too at a much faster pace.

Getting two ministers who shamelessly sided with the oppressor, to resign from their power seats is no achievement at all. Even getting the government of the day on its knees too will be no victory to boast about.

However, a simple approval of our collective failure can let us restructure the foundations of a humane society that we should have otherwise established. The tragedy that has hit us as a society should force us to take a resolve that enough is enough. Let us be forthright in denouncing all those forces who try to divide us on regional and religious lines.

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