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Lawyer starts online petition, seeks action against Kuthua lawyers  

Lawyer starts online petition, seeks action against Kuthua lawyers  
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Srinagar: A Kolkatta based advocate has started an online petition seeking action from the Bar Council of India against Kathua lawyers who have been protesting to shield the culprit and also tried to prevent Crime Branch from filling the chilling 18 page charge sheet in the court last week.

The petition started by Ayan Ray, an advocate from Calcutta High Court on the change.org has so far been signed by more than 80 thousand people.

“Asifa, a beautiful and innocent 8 year old girl from the district of Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, was allegedly drugged, barbarically gang raped for days by grown men and if that did not satisfy their demonic urges, allegedly murdered and dumped on the streets for none,” the petition reads.

Where did they carry out this crime? Allegedly inside a mandir (temple). Just let that settle for a second! Two of the main accused are Special Officers from a Special Investigating Team, set up too investigate juvenile crimes, the petition says in the introduction.

“A group of rogue lawyers cum self styled crusaders have in the name of Lord Ram, protested the arrest and charge-sheeting of the accused, while implicitly condoning these criminal acts,” it says.

“Hey, because it is fine to carry out these heinous acts to establish and buttress our great Hindu dominion over other communities,” reads the petition.

Stating that “these men are not lawyers,” the petition says “they are the sole reason our Criminal Justice System is a sham. These men should never be allowed to represent anyone in Indian courts.”

These men are the reason why Lawyers in India, are frowned upon by the general public and categorized as professionals with tainted moral fabric, petition read.

“…we must urge the Bar Council of India to remove their names from the State Bar roll, under appropriate sections of the Advocates Act, 1961, pending  the above criminal investigation,” petition demands, adding “Can you imagine reposing your trust and confidence in such men if you  ever find yourself  knocking the doors of our courts?”

In the end, the petition says “If obstructing the course of justice in such a delicate matter does not amount to the most egregious form of professional misconduct, I do not know what does, as a member of the Bar? Let’s give these thugs in robes what they deserve.”


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3 Responses to Lawyer starts online petition, seeks action against Kuthua lawyers  

  1. Assabah Khan April 14, 2018 at 11:37 am

    If lawyers obstruct justice and defend rapists that nation is destined to doom. Shame on Kathua lawyers

  2. Harish R April 15, 2018 at 11:24 am

    I think the author of this petition has made a mistake in the headline. The rest of the petition wants us to oppose the advocates who supported the rape case accused but the headline goes against the rest of the petition. I don’t know how to contact the author and change it. People like me might have trouble signing it because the headline of the petition asks me to go against the advocates who are rightly protesting against the rape accused and not supporting the rape accused. So I’d like you to please contact the author and rectify this mistake so that many more people like me can sign this petition. Thank you! Please do the needful ASAP!

  3. Suresh Babu April 15, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    Whats is this rest of petition and rest of petition? I have gone through the report above, the head line, the reporting, the petition evrything is in order. The petition, as reported is against the lawyers who protecting the accused. Is the rest of the petition for protecting the lawers? Where did you find it? Have you seen the petition, then why didi not you paste the URL herer for others?


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