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Editorial: PDP’s dilemma

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Srinagar: It has been more than three years that the bonhomie between the PDP and the right wing BJP was solemnized. The leaders from both the parties who after much deliberations and discussions formulated the Agenda of Alliance have now begun to feel the weight of the failures and void commitments.

The weight it seems has grown so much that one of the coalition partners PDP is finding it hard to go along and walk the same path that leads to more compromises that are now growing deadlier for the party and its ideology.

So much so that the party has called all its ministers, legislators and senior leaders to be present for a special meeting on Saturday in Srinagar .

Though the party maintains that the meeting is a routine and has been convened to discuss the present situation in the state, but the move is no secret at all as the growing repulse by the federal government towards its leadership is now growing beyond a point.

PDP which is trying to project itself as a party that is wielding control and is assuming the role of a senior partner in the coalition is no longer being trusted by the BJP leadership in Delhi or in the state. The trust deficit the party is facing has also infected it in the areas that the party claims to represent.

PDP’s bastion, the south Kashmir is boiling over the past two years now and the civilian killings is also not furthering the cause of the party that once swore on the priciple of healing touch and engagement of the disgruntled elements.

The party has over the past one year been trying to urge New Delhi to shun the rigid approach and approach Kashmir with a rationale and sublime approach. But for this the PDP leadership has failed to create a common ground where New Delhi would have  accepted the problem at hand and tried to de-escalate the boiling situation in the state besides, initiate a political process.

Ironically, the state has witnessed many upheavals over the past few months. The Kuthua rape and murder case was yet another challenge that proved quite a hard nut for the PDP. One the one hand the party tried to play the incident quite low but on the other its coalition partner left no stone unturned to put the case and the circumstances into a totally different perspective.

The standpoint that would neither serve the PDP’s cause, nor does it address the aspiration, however, little the people have from it in the restive Valley.


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