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Editorial: A shame, and nothing else

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Srinagar: A minor girl whose ambition in life was to keep her family happy after the tragedy of losing three family members in a road accident was shattered to pieces. The minor girl, Asifa blooming with the spirit of life was not only brutally murdered and assaulted but raped over a period of several days just to satisfy a communal mind set of a pervert and his associates.

The Kathua rape and murder case proved not to be a case of mere kidnapping and killing a child for sexual pleasure. The case is much more than meets the eye. It was evident from the day when two ministers of the present dispensation openly participated in the meetings and protests when the criminals involved in this heinous crime felt that the law is getting closer to them.

The criminal and shameful act was so meticulously planned and executed that it gives a clear impression that those at the helm were protecting and promoting those who master minded this gruesome act of insanity.

The so called intellectual class and even the common man in the entire Jammu region has put himself to shame by siding with this criminal mindset and playing ostrich over this outrageous act.

Also the fact that the state took so much of time in getting to the root of the entire episode is a shame for all of us and we deserve to be collectively shamed for this. The case, no doubt how much it may be debated and discussed among the chattering class has however, pointed out to various stark realities that confront us.

Most of us are presently worried about the fact that will the poor child get some justice at the end of the day. The question may haunt us, but the criminal mindset that planned the act and later sided with it, has gone out of the realm of ensuring justice for the victim.

Justice… in this scenario when the criminals who call themselves as practitioner’s of law left no stone unturned to block the police officials from even entering the court premises and present a charge sheet. Worse even, the Judicial officer who was to receive the charge sheet and perform his duty kept the cops waiting for six hours and then after the intervention of the state’s law minister, accepted the charge sheet.

This scenario tells us that expecting justice in such a surcharged atmosphere cannot be but an illusion for all of us who believe in being too optimistic. The act and its impact on the hapless family who had to bear yet another loss of life, should have collectively shaken our consciousness and reminded us of our prime duty of acting and thinking like humans.

The fact that the people in Jammu who in whatsoever circumstances are collaborating with the people involved in this barbarity, have put humanity to shame. Be it ensuring a shutdown or even helping out the criminals involved in such heinous crimes, tells us that the lessons of humanity are yet to be deciphered in the land of temples.



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