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Kulgam killings: JRL calls for shutdown, protests and black out

Kulgam killings: JRL calls for shutdown, protests and black out
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Asks people to get ready for agitation

Srinagar: Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) called for a complete shutdown on Thursday and appealed people to hold sit-in after Zuhar (afternoon) prayers to protest against the civilian killings in Kulgam today.

Addressing a presser here at Abi Guzar, JRL comprising Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik asked people to remain ready for coming on to the streets and roads if necessary to counter ‘nefarious Indian designs’.

“The way Kashmiris are being pushed to the wall through merciless spree of brutal killings by Indian colonial forces demands from us to be united and collectively raise our voices against this brutality,” JRL said.

JRL had earlier decided to hold a protest today against the rape and murder of Kathua girl Asifa but the news of killings at Khudwani, burning down of many residential houses and shops and showering pellets and bullets on innocents injuring hundreds came forth following which they decided to hold a joint presser against killing spree and then hold protest against Asifa rape and murder and killings of innocents at Khudwani.

Notably, Geelani and Mirwaiz who were placed under house arrest addressed media persons telephonically while as Malik was present on the occasion.

JRL said that “the wounds of Shopian are still bleeding and fresh when new wounds have been inflicted upon us by Indian occupational forces at Khudwani Kulgam.”

Leaders said that India to fulfill its expansionist design and mindset is hell bent upon using its military strategy.

“Pushing Kashmiris to the wall by choking every little space on peaceful activities in Kashmir, trampling human rights of Kashmiris under boots, spree of brutal killings, spreading an environment of harassment  and bullying and turning Kashmir  from south to north and center into a killing field is part of this military strategy,” JRL said.

The trio said that this persistent killing spree and disturbing peace by Indian trigger happy forces is actually a well devised policy of Indian rulers who have let loose their forces, given them a free hand to kill Kashmiris at will to suppress Kashmiri voices and also to camouflage their own failures in India and thus hoodwink Indian public opinion in the name of Kashmir.

They appealed Kashmiris to remain ready for coming out on to the streets and roads if necessary to counter these nefarious Indian designs.

“The situation is alarming as Indian rulers and their local supporters here are continuing with their pro-active policy of killing innocent young Kashmiris with impunity, not stopping the ongoing genocide of Kashmiris, enduring with a policy of choking space on peaceful activities and also from Military and forces chiefs to RSS, BJP leadership are issuing statements about their desire to wipe of Kashmiris,” they said.

JRL is deliberating upon and devising a strategy to counter this ongoing and unrelenting state terrorism, and “it is our collective duty to remain united and steadfast and resist these oppressive Indian designs, asserted the leaders.”

Condemning the bias of Indian media and news channels, JRL said that “Indian trigger happy soldiers are engaged in killing Kashmiris at will and shameless Indian media acting as foot soldiers of these troops is glamorizing these human killings with utmost brazenness.”

Condemning the ongoing protest in favor of rapists and killers of innocent Asifa of Kuthua, JRL said that “a kid was kidnapped, starved, raped in a temple and then killed by savages and disgracefully some people in Jammu are trying to give this heinous crime a religious color and save murderers and rapists which is utmost shameful.”

JRL said that ironically rulers to prolong their rule are also abetting this shameful bunch of people and are communalizing situation in Jammu region and trying to inflict harm to Muslims in Jammu.

The leaders warned these people that Kashmiris are will never accept any such thing against Jammu Muslims and will resist all such wicked and communal moves.

Calling for a complete shutdown on Thursday, 12th April 2018, against Khudwani Killings by Indian forces, JRL appealed Kashmiris to organize peaceful sit-in programs in every locality after Zuhr Prayers tomorrow and also observe a complete black out in the evening against Indian brutalities.

“By this peaceful protest Kashmiris will actually try to aware the sleeping conscience of the international community which is maintain a criminal silence on Kashmiri human rights,” asserted JRL.

After the press conference, JRL leaders, activists, many lawyers and people from all walks of life led by Muhammad Yasin Malik marched towards Lal Chowk.

Displaying placards depicting photographs of innocent Asifa and demanding justice for her and raising slogans against brutal killings across the valley, peaceful protesters marched towards Lal Chowk but soon police and forces swung into action and tried to halt their march near Biscoe School Gate.



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