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Editorial: Deliberate delay

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Srinagar: Last Thursday was yet another day that reminded us of the deep rooted alienation of the youth towards the system. The outpouring of thousands of students onto streets in most parts of Kashmir was reflective of the grim situation, the Valley has steadily stepped into.

The events are unfolding in an uncanny manner, unprecedented for a longer period of Kashmir’s post armed insurgency history. Seemingly disconnected events are contributing to raise passions and push the circumstances to precipitate.

The student unrest became visible when 13 militants and four civilians fell to bullets on April 1st in south Kashmir. Even though the valley came to a standstill for four days, the government let the educational institutions to function, but the move proved that the youth will not let any occasion to slip away when it comes to showing their anger.

Thousands of students took to streets from south Kashmir to north as they poured onto streets to exhibit resentment against the killings.

The killings in south Kashmir were only a trigger for the student outpouring. There are more provocations appearing at regular intervals. These are coming in the shape of inflammatory statements from political helmsmen, ministers and leaders and troops operating across the length and breadth of Kashmir.

Just yesterday a top CRPF official warned the youth of not resorting to stone pelting. The naive official said that if the students wish to avoid injuries through pellet guns then they should avoid protests and of course stone pelting.

The unfolding events indicate to the grim reality that there exists utter lack of command and experience to tackle the situation on ground. The turn of events is, of course, embedded in the most complicated issue called the Kashmir problem, and would be resolved only when it is addressed politically, but administrative skillfulness has its own impact on the ground level.

No wonder then that the Chief Minister has to rust to New Delhi quite often to persuade the leadership to initiate a dialogue in Kashmir. The CM faced with a renewed wave of anger over recent deaths across Kashmir, appealed New Delhi for finding ways to end bloodshed in Kashmir by removing element of alienation among the youth.

It is a fact that every civilian killing or collateral damage puts the peaceful engagement efforts of the Government on the back burner and gives the vested elements an opportunity to exploit the situation to their advantage. But, is this argument being taken on its face value in Delhi.

This is a question which the state government should task themselves with. Kashmir at the end of the day is burning and more and more local boys are opting for violence as a means to achieve ends.

The phenomenon may not be that worrisome for Delhi, but for any state government the alarm is quite serious. Serious to the extent that they need to take a call on whether to stay in power sharing owing to the cold shoulder shown by the federal government on dealing with the crisis in Kashmir.




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