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2024 LS polls: Women voters outnumber men in phase 6

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Percentage wise, phase 4 records highest voter turnout, phase 5 lowest

New Delhi: Female voters outnumbered male voters for the second consecutive time in the sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections by 3 per cent, according to data released by the Election Commission on Tuesday.

In the fifth phase too, more women had turned up at polling stations as compared to men.

Voting for 58 parliamentary constituencies was held in the sixth phase of elections on May 25.

According to the EC, 61.95 per cent of the eligible male voters and 64.95 per cent of the eligible female voters cast ballot in the sixth phase.

In Bihar, 62.95 per cent women voted as against 51.95 per cent men. In Jharkhand, 65.94 per cent women voted and 64.87 per cent men.

Uttar Pradesh saw 57.12 per cent women and 51.31 per cent men cast ballot.

In West Bengal, women’s turnout stood at 83.83 per cent and men’s at 81.62 per cent.

In Odisha, women’s turnout (74.86 per cent) was only marginally higher than men’s (74.07 per cent).

In the fifth phase, 63 per cent women voters turned up at polling booths as against 61.48 per cent men.

Women’s participation was higher than men in Bihar, Jharkhand, Ladakh, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh.

Notably, amongst the six phases of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, the fourth phase recorded the maximum voter turnout in percentage terms, while the fifth phase the lowest.

According to the phase six turnout figures issued by the Election Commission on Tuesday, the sixth phase of polls held on May 25 recorded a turnout of 63.37 per cent. As many as 58 constituencies spread across eight states went to polls in phase 6.

According to data issued earlier by the poll panel, the fourth phase recorded a turnout of 69.16 per cent, the highest among the six phases.

A total of 86 constituencies in 10 states went to polls in the fourth phase on May 13.

The fifth phase of the polls held on May 20 recorded a turnout of 62.20 per cent, the lowest among the phases in percentage terms.

As many as 49 seats in eight states went to polls in the fifth phase.

The first phase of the Lok Sabha elections held on April 19 in 102 seats across 21 states recorded a turnout of 66.14 per cent.

In the second phase, held on April 26 in 88 seats across 13 states, the turnout was recorded at 66.71 per cent, marginally higher than the first phase.

In the third phase, 94 seats across 11 states went to polls on May 7 and recorded a turnout of 65.68 per cent.

The final phase of the polls will be held on June 1 where 57 seats in eight states will go for vote.

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