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RO 1-Baramulla PC briefs press, urges every voter to exercise their franchise

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BARAMULLA: The Returning Officer (RO), 1-Baramulla Parliamentary Constituency, Minga Sherpa Saturday called a press conference and briefed the press regarding the arrangements put in place by the administration for successfully conducting the Lok Sabha elections in 1-Baramulla Parliamentary Constituency.

During the press briefing, the RO assured the media that the administration has meticulously made all necessary arrangements to enhance the voting experience for citizens on 20th May, the day of polling in 1-Baramulla PC. These measures include ensuring basic amenities (AMFs) at polling stations, such as wheelchairs, ramps, and other facilities, to assist all voters and polling parties effectively.

Meanwhile, the RO emphasized the administration’s dedicated efforts through the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) initiative. These efforts included comprehensive voter awareness campaigns involving all communities across the parliamentary constituency with a primary goal to inspire and encourage all the eligible voters to actively engage in the electoral process.

Minga Sherpa further updated the press about the successful completion of Home Voting process and appreciated the work done by the dedicated polling teams who visited the homes of senior citizens (85+) and Persons with Disabilities (PwD) voters to facilitate their participation in the democratic process, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all eligible voters.

The RO through the medium of press strongly urged all the eligible voters of 1-Baramulla PC to come out in large numbers on 20th May, on the day of poll, and cast their votes to contribute to the success of this democratic process and shape the future of the nation.

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