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Hanste Hanste- Voter Awareness: Kashmiri Folk Theatre- Band Peathar, Ladishah spread voter awareness

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KULGAM: In a remarkable initiative aimed at fostering voter awareness and engagement, the District Administration Kulgam through an innovative approach utilizing traditional Kashmiri Folk Theatre, specifically the renowned forms of Band Peathar and Ladishah today reached out to the electors across the district.

Under the banner of ‘Hanste Hanste- Voter Awareness,’ this initiative has successfully permeated every nook and corner of Kulgam District, bringing crucial information and awareness to the populace.

The District Election Officer (DEO) Kulgam, Athar Aamir Khan highlighting the significance of the programme said that to raise awareness and increase voter turnout, multifarious activities were carried out across the district under SVEEP.

He said since Kashmiri Folk Theatre – Band Peathar and Ladishah is well connected to the people, they utilized this medium extensively to disseminate voter awareness.

By integrating local artists and performers into the outreach program, the initiative not only captivated the audience but also ensured that the message resonated deeply within the community, added the DEO Kulgam.

Through a series of captivating performances and engaging narratives, the Folk Theatre initiative has succeeded in transcending barriers and reaching diverse demographics, including remote and marginalized communities.

The DEO added that moving forward, such innovative approaches will continue to be explored and implemented to promote active citizenship and democratic values in Kulgam District.

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