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Lok Sabha Elections-2024: Awareness programme under SVEEP held at Pulwama’s Rahamoo

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PULWAMA: An impactful awareness programme under the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) initiative was conducted at Village Rahamoo, Pulwama.

The event witnessed active participation from various segments of society, including the general public, women, new voters, imams and youth.

The programme aimed to educate and engage the community in the electoral process, emphasizing the importance of voter participation and democratic values.

Through interactive sessions and informative materials, attendees were empowered with knowledge about voter registration procedures, electoral rights, and the significance of exercising their franchise.

The inclusive nature of the event, with representation from diverse demographics such as women, youth, and religious leaders, underscored the commitment towards fostering inclusive and participatory democracy.

The success of the awareness programme reflected the collaborative efforts of the Election Commission and local stakeholders in promoting electoral literacy and enhancing voter turnout.

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