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SVEEP Awareness programme galvanizes community participation in Pulwama

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PULWAMA: Amidst an atmosphere brimming with civic fervor, a remarkable event unfolded at Malangpora village under the aegis of SVEEP.

Spearheaded by the Nodal Officer SVEEP, the event resonated with the theme, ‘Every Step Counts, Every Vote Counts.’

The vibrant gathering drew in a diverse array of participants, including members of the public, enthusiastic women, first-time voters, and citizens hailing from Malangpora, Sonrigund, Kulu and Puchal villages. The palpable energy and engagement underscored the community’s commitment to democratic principles.

Central to the agenda were voter education sessions, meticulously designed to empower students with a nuanced understanding of the electoral process and the pivotal role each citizen plays in shaping the democratic fabric.

The SVEEP awareness programme transcended mere education, fostering a spirit of collective responsibility and empowerment.

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