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Avalanche warning: Authorities in Kangan take precautionary measures

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Ganderbal: In view of the recent weather forecast and advisory issued by the Meteorological Centre Srinagar regarding the heightened risk of avalanches, the authorities in the Kangan sub-division of Ganderbal have taken proactive measures to ensure public safety.

An order issued by the Sub Divisional Magistrate Kangan states that in light of the “avalanche warning with medium danger level likely to occur above 2200 meters in Ganderbal”, the General Manager/Project Manager APCO/NHIDCL has been directed to keep the Z-Mohr tunnel open for safe movement.

This includes facilitating the movement of people, government employees, laborers, and machinery, while maintaining close coordination with police authorities.

Traffic will be directed through the Z-Morh Tunnel as the road condition at Hung is deemed unsafe for travel. Violations of this order may result in penal action due to the anticipated risk to life.

The general public residing in hilly areas is advised to take precautionary measures and avoid venturing into avalanche-prone areas, the order states, adding, “Residents are strongly urged to heed these warnings and refrain from entering areas at risk of avalanches for their own safety.” (KNO)

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