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Tourists make a beeline to Kashmir after recent snowfall

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‘Stunning horse cart statue’ mesmerizing visitors in Sonamarg

Srinagar: The tourists who had earlier postponed their visit to Kashmir in absence of snow are now coming in large numbers as the majority of tourist destinations have received enough snowfall recently.

“I had dropped the plan of visiting Kashmir after the images showing Kashmir without snowfall,” Ronak Ghosh, a tourist from Kolkata said.

“I had never been to Kashmir before but the moment I heard Kashmir received snowfall I decided to visit here,” he added.

Ghosh claimed that he visited the valley on February 2 and enjoyed the snowfall by exploring various areas of the Himalayan territory.

“I have travelled across every state of India but the experience in Kashmir is amazing,” Ghosh said. “The people are incredibly loving and caring. I enjoyed the hospitality of Kashmiris,” he said, adding that everything being said about the mountainous region is “absolutely true.”

Kashmir is known for its scenic beauty. The blanket of snow that engulfs the entire region attracts millions of visitors across the globe. However, the region has seen a significant decline in tourist numbers due to climate change resulting in losses to thousands of individuals whose livelihoods rely on winter tourism.

“Kashmir has witnessed a number of cancellations in the absence of snowfall. The market, according to my estimation, had declined by sixty percent until the end of January,” Bilal Ahmed Ganie, a tourist guide told KNO. “However, tourists have begun visiting again after the recent snowfall. I anticipate our local business will thrive once again,” he added.

Ananya, a resident of New Delhi said that she enjoyed visiting places such as Gulmarg, Dhoodpathri and Sonamarg.

“I took a lot of pictures on a snow cart at Sonmarg. I would love to visit Kashmir again and again every year,” said Ananya, the six-year-old child. “I also loved the food at Krishna Daba,” she added.

Meanwhile, in Sonamarg, a stunning new statue has caught everyone’s attention. It’s a Snow Horse Cart statue being built there, and people are excited about it.

The statue shows a horse pulling a cart through the snow, and it is becoming a big attraction for both locals and tourists.

The statue is crafted by a skilled artist, and it celebrates the rich culture and art of Sonamarg.

Visitors are flocking to see it, taking lots of pictures to capture its beauty. Everyone is eager to see the finished statue, making Sonamarg even more popular as a tourist spot.

With the Snow Horse Cart statue adding to its charm, Sonamarg is shining brighter than ever. It is becoming a must-visit place for people who love nature and art alike.

As people wait eagerly for the statue to be finished, the tourist spot is becoming even more popular. The place is not just known for its beautiful scenery anymore; now, it is also famous for its amazing artwork. (KNO)

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