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Kishtwar snow festival: Over 4000 take part in adventure sports, competitions

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Jammu: Over 4,000 people on Monday participated in a snow festival in Kishtwar district which has turned into a winter wonderland after the first major snowfall of the season last week, officials said.

The ‘Snow Mela’ was held at the historical Chowgan Ground, spanning 33 acres and surrounded by pine and chinar trees, as the renowned landmark ‘Char Chinar’ stood as a testament to Kishtwar’s unique charm.

The ground, nestled amidst mountains on all four sides, offered a picturesque view resembling a lotus, enhancing the allure for both residents and visitors.

According to the officials, the ‘Snow Mela’, a celebration of the enchanting snowy landscape in Kishtwar, attracted a massive turnout of over 4,000 locals and visitors alike to the sprawling ground which became a hub of activity, offering a myriad of attractions for attendees.

Kishtwar Deputy Commissioner Devansh Yadav expressed satisfaction at the success of the Snow Mela, emphasising its role in promoting tourism, cultural exchange, and community engagement.

“The Snow Mela is not just an event; it’s a celebration of our rich heritage, natural beauty, and the spirit of Kishtwar. We envision more such initiatives to showcase the distinctiveness of our region,” he said.

The festival was by organised by the Kishtwar district administration in collaboration with Directorate of Tourism and Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art Culture and Languages, they said.

Cultural performances by local artistes and musicians added a vibrant touch to the event as they showcased their talent in dance, music, and traditional arts.

The stage came alive with the rich cultural heritage of Kishtwar, captivating the audience and fostering a sense of community spirit, the officials said.

At the festival, thrill-seekers revelled in the excitement of zorbing and rolling down the snow-covered ground. The event also had fun activities for kids, including trampoline jumping.

Competitive spirits soared as participants engaged in friendly yet spirited matches of tug of war, snow football, archery and kabbadi organised by the District Youth Services and Sports Department, the officials said.

The participants also showcased their artistic flair in the snowman building competition, where imaginative creations dotted the landscape, turning the Chowgan Ground into a temporary art gallery of frosty sculptures.

As the sun set on the snowy landscape, the Snow Mela proved to be more than an event as it was a magical celebration uniting people in the embrace of winter’s enchantment, the officials said.

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