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Police, civil administration carry out drive against traffic rules violations

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Baramulla: In an effort to enhance awareness and curb the menace of traffic violations, Baramulla Police in collaboration with civil administration, officers of ARTO Baramulla, Traffic Police Rural Kashmir, spearheaded a special drive aimed at educating the public and dissuading traffic violators from flouting regulations.

The special drive was meticulously crafted to imbue consciousness among citizens while dissuading traffic offenders from transgressing established traffic norms. Targeting specific areas of concern, the campaign focused on overloading, fitness of vehicles, registration, insurance, pollution, rash and negligent driving, curbing triple riding, deterring stunt biking, and preventing minors from driving—these pressing challenges demanding immediate attention, a police spokesman said Friday.

Territorial Officers emphasized the crucial role of parental responsibility in ensuring road safety, urging parents to refrain from permitting underage driving. A stern warning echoed throughout the campaign, underscoring the imminent consequences awaiting parents whose children engage in any form of traffic violation, he added.

This concerted effort underscores the commitment of law enforcement authorities to uphold traffic discipline and safeguard the well-being of all road users. Through collaborative initiatives and proactive measures, the endeavor aims to foster a culture of compliance and responsibility on the roads, ensuring safer and more secure transportation for all, the spokesman said.

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