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National Road Safety Month 2024: MVD Anantnag launches Signature Campaign on Road Safety

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ANANTNAG: As part of its celebration of National Road Safety Month 2024, Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) Anantnag Wednesday launched Signature Campaign on ‘Road to Safety,’ a kind targeted intervention towards future drivers on Roads who are coming for seeking Driving Licence Test, here.

More than 200 applicants and road users visited the trial ground Harnag and took part in the Road Safety Pledge and Signature Campaign to promote Road Safety in the district.

Different pledges were administered like, “I will Always Wear Seat Belt “, “I will always wear Helmet while driving two wheeler”, I will not use Cell Phone while driving, I will not overspeed, be a courteous driver, etc.

It was given that India accounts for over 12% of global road accidents, i.e. 1,45,000 fatalities per year attributing to 1 accident occurring every four minutes. Alarmingly, 72% victims involved in such road mishaps are between the age groups of 15-44 years. So youth need to be sensitized about Road Safety and here an opportunity was utilized to promote Road Safety values among the young generation through various ways and means.

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