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‘National Girl Child Day’: DLSA Srinagar organises door-to-door Awareness

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SRINAGAR: On the occasion of National Girl Child Day, the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Srinagar Wednesday organized a comprehensive door-to-door awareness programmes to educate the general public about critical issues related to child marriage, child labor, and gender-based violence.

The primary objective of this initiative was to empower girls with knowledge of their legal rights and promote gender equality and protection from discrimination. The awareness programmes were held under the guidance of Chairman (PDJ) DLSA, Srinagar, Jawad Ahmed and under the supervision of Secretary, DLSA Srinagar, Jahangir Ahmad Bakshi.

National Girl Child Day is an important occasion to reaffirm our commitment to empowering girls and ensuring their safety.  Through these door-to-door awareness programs, DLSA, Srinagar aimed to reach out to every household and sensitize the community about the harmful effects of child marriage, child labor, and gender-based violence.

During the door to door awareness programs, Para Legal volunteers of DLSA Srinagar visited various localities and engaged with families, highlighted the detrimental consequences of child marriage, emphasizing the legal implications and the impact on a girl’s education and health. They also shed light on the issue of child labor, educating families about the exploitative nature of this practice and the importance of providing children with access to education and opportunities for personal growth.

The awareness program was met with a positive response from the general public, who expressed their concerns about the prevalence of these issues and their desire to contribute to the efforts aimed at eliminating them. Para Legal Volunteers of DLSA, Srinagar, provided them with information about the available legal and social services that can assist them in protecting the rights of their girl children.

DLSA, Srinagar is committed to continue its efforts in promoting gender equality and protecting the rights of girl children.

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