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Yateem Foundation organises workshop

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Prof Syeda Afshana calls for earning everlasting contentment in comparison to temporary happiness of self growth

Srinagar: J&K Yateem Foundation organized a workshop on the “Importance of Mass Media & Responsibilities of Social Service Volunteers” at “Baitul Hilal” Jawahar Nagar, a statement ised by the organization said.

The guest speaker, Prof. Syeda Afshana from the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism, University of Kashmir, emphasized the pursuit of everlasting contentment through working for the larger good of society rather than temporary happiness from self-growth.

The workshop, attended by district representatives, central executive members, and select volunteers, aimed to sensitize participants about the pivotal role of mass media in the social service sector and the responsibilities of volunteers. Prof. Afshana highlighted the fundamental tenets of social work, emphasizing selflessness, sincerity, and missionary zeal.

Participants were educated on leveraging various media platforms to garner support and raise awareness about pressing social issues. The event emphasized the practical connection between media outreach and the Foundation’s humanitarian mission to serve the marginalized, deserving, and underprivileged, irrespective of caste, color, creed, region, or religion.

During the workshop, Prof. Afshana delivered an insightful speech, recognizing the dedication and altruism of JKYF volunteers. She stressed the role of mass media as a tool to effectively reach the target audience and shared instances of humanitarian icons whose selfless service benefited humanity on a larger canvas.

Drawing inspiration from the mother of social work, Jane Addams, Prof. Afshana emphasized the need for investing in the capacity building of volunteers for better results. She urged social organizations to revisit their welfare programs for effective results and perceptible change on the ground.

The workshop provided volunteers with a deeper understanding of the impact and reach of mass media in their social service initiatives. It instilled a sense of responsibility and purpose, empowering them to leverage media channels effectively and responsibly for advocating the needs of the underprivileged and generating positive social changes.

Prof. Afshana urged social organizations to invest in the capacity building of volunteers for better results and emphasized the collective response to societal challenges. She recommended the use of outdoor media by humanitarian aid organizations and suggested organizing community engagement events to propagate the spiritual message of social work.

The question-answer session facilitated a fruitful exchange of inputs and ideas related to the workshop’s theme. JKYF General Secretary M Y Reshi expressed gratitude during the vote of thanks, and JKYF Programme Executive Press & PR Division Javaid Jawad conducted the proceedings.

The workshop also included recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an by BAITUL HILAL scholar Aaqib Ahmad, a presentation of “Naat” by Sameer Ahmad, and a presentation of “Dua” by Sahil Majeed.

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