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Social Welfare Deptt Bandipora organises Cultural, sports activities

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BANDIPORA: In a celebration of inclusivity and talent, the two days inclusive fest unfolded Thursday at SK Stadium Bandipora under the umbrella of VYOM “Vibrant Young Open Minds” for persons with disabilities.

The occasion featured a dynamic blend of cultural and sports activities, showcasing the prowess of participants across various domains.

Enthusiastic competitors engaged in intense battles of various sports activities like carrom, chess, cricket, and volleyball, personifying the spirit of determination and skill. The sporting arena echoed with cheers as participants displayed resilience and teamwork, breaking barriers and proving that ability knows no bounds.

Simultaneously, the cultural activities added a vibrant dimension to the event, featuring captivating performances that transcended physical limitations. From mesmerizing musical instruments to soul-stirring musical performances, the stage became a canvas for artistic expression, demonstrating the richness of diverse talents.

The Vyom event not only fostered a sense of community, but also shattered stereotypes, emphasizing the limitless potential residing within every individual. It stood as a testament to the power of inclusion, where vibrant young minds, regardless of physical challenges, converged to create an unforgettable celebration of ability and spirit.

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