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Distt Admin Gbl encourages proactive communication

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Move aimed to address any winter-related concerns promptly

GANDERBAL: As part of the meticulously devised winter plan for district Ganderbal, essential services are currently operational and committed to providing uninterrupted assistance to the general public throughout the winter season with added dedication.

The concerned departments are working round the clock to ensure the convenience and safety of residents.

Besides, the Winter Control Room established to oversee and address any concerns promptly, is fully functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The public is encouraged to call on dedicated contact numbers of the control room at any time (0194-2416260/2416261).

The district administration emphasizes the significance of these contact channels, assuring residents that the control room is well-prepared to handle queries and emergencies efficiently.

In addition to the landline numbers, the control room has extended its accessibility by including WhatsApp as a communication channel (8493868773). This initiative aims to facilitate easier communication for the public, ensuring that assistance is just a message away.

The district administration urges residents to take advantage of these resources and encourages proactive communication to address any winter-related concerns promptly.

The collaborative efforts of essential services and the Winter Control Room reflect the commitment of District Administration Ganderbal to ensuring a seamless and secure environment for all residents during the winter season.

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