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Illegal mining: Police begins cancellation of registration of 1,378 vehicles in Jammu

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Jammu: The police on Monday initiated the process of cancellation of registration of 1,378 vehicles involved in illegal mining activities in Jammu district, officials said.

The police have taken decisive action against illegal mining activities, resulting in the seizure of 1,378 multiple vehicles engaged in these unlawful operations, they said.

An officer said that the process for the cancellation of vehicles registration associated with these illegal mining activities has been initiated with the concerned department.

He added that the seized vehicles were found to be actively involved in illegal mining operations, disregarding environmental regulations and posing a significant threat to the local ecosystem.

Jammu Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Vinod Kumar said the “exploitation of our natural resources through illegal mining will not be tolerated”.

He said the actions taken by the police are aimed to curb these illicit activities and deter the individuals from engaging in practices that harm our environment and jeopardise public safety.

Asserting the Jammu Police is working diligently to investigate and curtail such illicit operations, the SSP said the vehicle owners and operators implicated in illegal mining activities will face the cancellation of the registration of their vehicles.

“Swift and stringent measures are being undertaken to ensure that vehicles involved in illegal mining are promptly removed from circulation, reinforcing the commitment to preserving the environment and upholding legal norms,” he added.

The SSP further said the individuals with pertinent information regarding similar illegal activities are encouraged to come forward and assist the law enforcement in preserving the integrity of the natural resources.

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