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e-Buses in Ladakh completes one year

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Sets example in fight against climate change

Leh/Kargil: Notwithstanding the harsh climatic conditions, Ladakh has successfully embraced the services of 19 electric buses for over a year now, cumulatively covering over 10.50 lakh kilometres and curbing carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 25.20 lakh kilograms, officials said.

The eBuses from PMI Electro Mobility Solutions were introduced in Leh and Kargil as part of the government efforts to transform Ladakh into a carbon-neutral region, improve public transport with a variety of passenger safety measures and develop the places as smart cities.

“The eBuses have had a transformative impact on public transport in the region and the administration is looking forward to increasing the fleet in the future,” Deputy Director, District Motor Garages, Leh, Zulfiqar Ali said.

Expressing satisfaction over the functioning of the e-buses, he said given Ladakh’s extreme temperatures, PMI Electro’s eBuses feature a state-of-the-art heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system to maintain a stable internal temperature, taking care of passenger comfort.

The officials said the e-Buses have been operational for over a year now, covering various local routes in both Leh and Kargil districts and accumulating an impressive distance of over 10,50,000 kilometres.

Serving an average of 1,500 passengers daily, these eBuses contribute positively to Ladakh’s delicate ecosystem with zero tailpipe emissions, no engine noise, and no vibrations, significantly reducing carbon footprint and noise levels, they said.

They said these eBuses have effectively curbed carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 25,20,000 kilograms and its further impact is expected to persist over the next decade and a half, aligning with their end-of-life period.

Emphasizing the global impact of climate change, CEO of PMI Electro Mobility Solutions Aanchal Jain said climate change is affecting everyone around the world and most countries are taking necessary steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

“As India aims to reach its ‘Net Zero’ goals, ecologically sensitive geographies like Ladakh stand as examples of taking appropriate measures to safeguard nature and help it regain its pristine beauty.

“We are happy to contribute to this journey for Ladakh through our electric buses which stand as a testament to our commitment to supporting the larger goal,” Jain said.

At a G20 meeting held earlier this year in Ladakh, electric cars and PMI Electro’s eBuses replaced internal combustion engines for delegate transportation. This significant shift conveyed a clear message and purpose regarding sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility solutions, the officials said.

They said Ladakh, which secured the sixth position in the Sustainable Development Goals ranking by the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MoSPI), serves as a testament to its commitment to responsible environmental measures.

The region’s enthusiastic adoption of electric buses underscores the success of PMI Electro’s eBuses, offering a dependable, comfortable, and sustainable transportation solution, the officials said.

Equipped with factory-fitted cameras, these buses enhance security by continuously monitoring all travellers, they said, adding the Intelligent Transportation Management System software seamlessly integrates to enable intelligent and optimal management of electric buses.

It automatically tracks schedules, monitors the state of charge (eliminating range anxiety), assesses vehicle range, and manages allocated routes.

Regenerative braking solutions integrated into these eBuses during downhill movement enhance the efficiency by recovering and recharging onboard batteries, the officials said.

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