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District-wide SVEEP initiatives in Pulwama raise Voter Awareness

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PULWAMA: A series of impactful Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) initiatives have been carried out across the district, demonstrating the commitment of educational institutions to fostering civic responsibility and voter awareness.

In this connection, notable events were hosted by Government Degree College Tral, Government Degree College Pampore and Government Polytechnic College Pulwama.

Government Degree College Tral organized a Special Lecture Series as part of the Voter Awareness Programme (SVEEP). Dr. Nisar Ahmad Meer’s lecture on ‘Democracy and Elections’ underscored the pivotal role elections play in democracy. Dr. M. Shafi Bhat’s lecture on the ‘Importance of SVEEP’ highlighted the program’s role in educating citizens about the electoral process.

Simultaneously, Government Degree College Pampore conducted a ‘Special Awareness Drive for Women Voters’. Dr. Mudasir emphasized the transformative power of voting in a democracy, particularly as an instrument of social change. Dr. Mudasir Ahmad Qazi highlighted the government’s commendable efforts to reduce the gender gap in the political process through the Election Commission’s initiatives.

Government Polytechnic College Pulwama hosted a dynamic one-day program under SVEEP activities. Principal Er. Firdoce Ahmad Itoo expressed the institution’s dedication to instilling civic duty and awareness among students and staff, recognizing the power they hold in shaping the nation’s future through voting.

SVEEP, as the flagship program of the Election Commission of India, aims at voter education, spreading awareness and promoting literacy. The activities conducted by these institutions focused on educating electors about procedures for voter registration, correction of details, and deletion of names of shifted or deceased family members.

Moreover, SVEEP activities aimed to inform citizens about various online and offline facilities available for ethical voting. This includes guidance on how to cast a vote and contribute to preventing corrupt practices during elections.

These district-wide SVEEP initiatives, involving Government Degree Colleges have significantly contributed to enhancing voter literacy, demystifying the electoral process, and encouraging active participation in the democratic journey.

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