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DLSA Ganderbal convenes 4th UTRC meeting

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GANDERBAL: The District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Ganderbal Wednesday convened its fourth Under Trial Review Committee (UTRC) meeting at District Court Ganderbal.

The meeting was conducted in strict adherence to the directives issued by the National Legal Services Authority (NLSA) and J&K Legal Services Authority (J&K LSA).

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Principal District and Sessions Judge Ganderbal / Chairman DLSA Ganderbal, and under the guidance of the Civil Judge (Sr. Division) /Secretary, DLSA Ganderbal.

The primary objective of the fourth UTRC meeting was to assess the advancement made regarding the cases suggested in the first, second, and third UTRC meetings.

The meeting, led by the DLSA emphasized the importance of monitoring the cases effectively to ensure timely justice delivery.

The meeting was headed by Pr. District & Sessions Judge and Chairman District Legal Services Authority,  Ritesh Kumar Dubey, and attended by Civil Judge (Sr. Division) /Secretary, DLSA Ganderbal, Nusrat Ali Hakak, Additional District Development Commissioner of Ganderbal, Mushtaq Ahmad, Senior Superintendent of Police, Nikhil Borkar, Chief Prosecuting Officer, Shafat Ahmad, and Incharge Officer of Subsidiary Jail Dignibal,  Mushtaq Ahmad.

The meeting underscored the commitment and dedication of all stakeholders towards the effective functioning of the UTRC. With their diverse expertise and experience, the officials contributed valuable insights and recommendations that will shape the future of the under-trial system in Ganderbal.

During the meeting, the committee thoroughly scrutinized the cases and their respective status. The committee members analyzed the progress made, bottlenecks encountered, and potential solutions to expedite the trials and clearance of these pending cases.

Their focus was on achieving justice for all affected parties, by resolving legal matters promptly and efficiently.

“With the fourth UTRC meeting, we aimed to closely monitor the progress of cases that were previously recommended for consideration. Our objective is to ensure that justice is served at the earliest and that the trials proceed smoothly,” stated the chair.

The committee members engaged in detailed discussions regarding the obstacles faced in certain cases, notable achievements, and proposed strategies to hasten the resolution of pending matters. The UTRC members demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering justice swiftly and impartially.

Principal District and Sessions Judge highlighted the unwavering commitment of the judiciary in providing swift and fair justice to all.

Principal District and Sessions Judge and the Secretary of DLSA Ganderbal assured that the recommendations and outcomes of the UTRC meeting would be seriously considered for immediate implementation.

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