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Admin collaborates with AGNIi mission to boost handicraft

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir administration has collaborated with the AGNIi mission for the latest technologies and policy recommendations to shape the region’s handicraft sector.

Mission AGNIi is a programme of the Office of Principal Scientific Adviser, under Prime Minister’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC).

The Directorate of Handicraft and Handloom Kashmir on Thursday witnessed the official handover of a groundbreaking Technology Advisory Note (TAN) regarding the renaissance of exquisite Kashmir crafts, an official spokesperson said.

“This visionary document, prepared by TEAM AGNIi, outlines strategies for re-premiumisation, propagation and preservation of world-famous Kashmir crafts,” the official added.

The event was attended by Preeti Banzal, Scientist (G) from the office of Principal Scientific Advisor; Vikramjeet Singh, Commissioner Secretary, Industries and Commerce Department; Mehmood Ahmad Shah, Director Handicraft and Handloom Kashmir; and Vikrant Khazanchi, Head, AGNIi Mission, besides other officers from DOHHK and team AGNIi.

Kashmir Craft is facing challenges like quality norms, limited propagation and threats to preservation, for which this industry requires innovative and sustainable solutions.

In this direction, the Department of Handicraft & Handloom, Kashmir recognizing the potential of technological advancements in further enhancing this sector decided to collaborate with AGNIi mission for the introduction of groundbreaking technologies and policy recommendations that will shape the region’s Handicraft and Handloom sector.

The Technology Advisory Note (TAN) presented by TEAM AGNIi addresses these challenges comprehensively with re-premiumisation, propagation and preservation. The note proposes strategies to enhance quality, innovate designs and establish a strong brand identity for Kashmir crafts.

The goal is to position these crafts in the premium luxury segment of national and international markets, the spokesman said.

The TAN included recommendations for leveraging cutting-edge technologies like blockchain for traceability, artificial intelligence in design and dedicated e-commerce platforms.

These technologies promise to revolutionise the Kashmir Crafts industry and enhance its global reach.


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