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Successful G20 Summit: Union Cabinet passes resolution to congratulate PM Modi

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New Delhi: The Union Cabinet on Wednesday passed a resolution congratulating and thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi on behalf of the entire country for making the G20 Summit a huge success, Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur said.

Thakur also said the prime minister has emerged as a “man of global alliances”, referring to the launch of Global Biofuels Alliance after earlier successes related to International Solar Alliance and Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment).

Briefing media after a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Modi, Thakur said the resolution relate to G20 Summit was moved by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and was passed unanimously.

The Cabinet noted that the successful hosting of the G20 Summit was a matter of great pride for the entire country with several initiatives proposed by Prime Minister Modi such as the launch of Global Biofuels Alliance and the inclusion of African Union in the bloc being adopted with a consensus, the minister said.

“The G20 Summit in Delhi was held successfully under the leadership of PM Modi. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh moved a resolution congratulating the prime minister on behalf of the entire country for the success of the summit. The successful hosting of G20 Summit is a symbol of Prime Minister’s efficient leadership and strong will and it is being talked about in the entire world,” he said.

“The Union Cabinet appreciated the contribution of all organisations and individuals involved in the success of the G20 Summit. It recognised the enthusiasm with which the people of India, especially the younger generation, participated in its activities. It recognized the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in giving the Indian G20 Presidency a strong direction with a view to promoting growth and development in the world,” the resolution adopted at the meeting of the Union Cabinet said.

“The Cabinet lauded the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in setting out various aspects of the theme ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’. The Prime Minister’s approach of Jan Bhagidari involved broad sections of our society in the G20 programmes and activities. The 200-plus meetings in 60 cities represented an unprecedented footprint for G20 events. As a result, the Indian G20 Presidency was truly people-centric and emerged as a national endeavour,” it also said.

The resolution further said the Cabinet felt that the outcomes of the Summit were transformational and would contribute to the reshaping of the global order in the decades ahead.

In particular, the focus on realising Sustainable Development Goals, in reforming international financial institutions, in establishing digital public infrastructure, in promoting a green development pact and encouraging women-led development were noteworthy, it said.

Thakur said the adoption of the Leaders’ Declaration also proved that India is playing a key role in global agenda-setting and its leadership gets credit for that.

“India has always talked about making the G20 an inclusive forum and the inclusion of African Union proves that. The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor is also a big success and so is the Global Biofuels Alliance, which was an idea mooted by the prime minister,” he added.

“The Cabinet passed the resolution unanimously, while congratulating and thanking Prime Minister Modi for the huge success of G20 Summit,” the minister said.

Asked about the opposition parties’ criticism that what would the country’s small farmers and other citizens get from the success of G20 Summit, Thakur said, “Small farmers also benefit when millets are talked about across the world.”

“Will our farmers not benefit from bifuels alliance, will our small traders and farmers not benefit from the India-Middle East-Europe economic corridor?,” he asked.

The Cabinet in its resolution also noted that at a time when East-West polarisation was strong and the North-South divide deep, the prime minister’s endeavours created a crucial consensus on the most important issues of the day.

“The holding of the Voice of the Global South’ Summit was a unique aspect of India’s Presidency. It is a matter of particular satisfaction that India’s initiative led to the African Union being accepted as a permanent member of the G20.

“The New Delhi Summit provided an occasion for demonstration of India’s contemporary technology advancement as well as of our heritage, culture and traditions. This was widely appreciated by leaders and delegates of G20 member-states,” the resolution said.

It said the energising of the international economy, availability of greater resources for development, expansion of tourism, global workplace opportunities, stronger food security through millet production and consumption and a deeper commitment to bio-fuels are among the prominent outcomes of the G20 Summit that will benefit the entire nation.

The conclusion of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor Agreement and the Global Biofuels Alliance during the Summit were also developments of considerable significance, the resolution read.

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