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GMS Onagam Celebrates Teachers’ Day

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Gifts distributed among deserving students, others

Bandipora: GMS Onagam, a prestigious educational institution, celebrated Teachers’ Day with great fervor and enthusiasm. The ceremony, held within the school premises, witnessed the generous gesture of teachers gifting dictionaries and books worth 5K to their deserving and meritorious students. Scores of parents, esteemed guests, and students attended the event, making it a memorable occasion.

The ceremony commenced with speakers acknowledging the extraordinary work carried out by GMS Onagam in the field of personality development. They praised the endeavors of the institution, recognizing its relentless efforts in nurturing and shaping students’ futures through comprehensive educational programs.

The highlight of the event was the captivating performances put forth by the talented and vibrant students. Their colorful and energetic presentations left the audience in awe, showcasing their diverse talents in various creative disciplines. The students’ performances were met with thunderous applause from the proud parents and distinguished guests.

Javaid Jawad, the headmaster of GMS Onagam, expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the esteemed guests, supportive parents, and enthusiastic students. He extended his appreciation to all those who contributed to the success of the event, making it a truly memorable celebration.

During the ceremony, all the teachers were recognized and awarded certificates of appreciation for their tireless dedication and outstanding contribution to the institution. Their commitment towards shaping young minds was duly acknowledged.

The non-teaching staff too received heartfelt acknowledgments in the form of gifts worth 3K, underscoring their vital role in maintaining the smooth functioning of GMS Onagam.

This grand celebration of Teachers’ Day was a testament to the deep respect and gratitude that GMS Onagam holds for its dedicated faculty members. It served as a reminder of the pivotal role teachers play in nurturing and molding the young minds of future generations.

Renowned teacher and ex ZEO Mr Gayas ud din sressed upon the teachers to work with dedication and commitment for the bright future of the students.

Noted preacher Noor ul Hassan Qazi advised the students and teachers to follow the teachings of Allah to create a safe and secure society.

Uzma Altaf of class 6th conducted the proceedings.

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