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India has shown it’s possible for harmony to exist amid diversity: PM Modi

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India as the world’s largest democracy has demonstrated that it is possible for harmony to exist amid diversity and underscored the natural expectation of adjustments in the international system and institutions to give the country its rightful place.

Modi told French newspaper Les Echos in an interview that India’s young and skilled workforce is steeped in openness and democratic values, and is eager to embrace technology and adapt to the changing world.

“When many countries in the world are ageing and their populations are shrinking, India’s young and skilled workforce will be an asset for the world over the decades to come. As the world’s largest democracy with unparalleled social and economic diversity, our success will demonstrate that democracy delivers. That it is possible for harmony to exist amidst diversity,” he said.

The progress of one-sixth of humanity will give the world a more prosperous and sustainable future, he said replying to a question on how India’s status changes globally with the country becoming the most populous country.

“Our deeply held values of peace, openness, harmony and co-existence; the success of our vibrant democracy; the extraordinary richness of our culture, traditions and philosophy; a consistent voice for the cause of a peaceful, fair and just world; and, our commitment to international law and peace, are the reasons that India’s rise is welcomed not feared in the world,” he said.

Modi asserted that he will rather describe it as India regaining its rightful place in the world as, since time immemorial, India has been at the forefront of contributing to global economic growth, technological advancement and human development.

“Our demographic dividend, our deep roots in democracy, and our civilizational spirit will guide the way as we move towards the future. We recognize our responsibility in contributing to addressing global challenges, building a more cohesive world, giving voice to the aspirations of the weak and advancing global peace and prosperity,” he said.

There is a global recognition today that India is a force of good in the world and indispensable for global unity, cohesion, peace and prosperity at a time of great turmoil and risks of fragmentation in the world, the prime minister said.

Our capabilities and resources will continue to be directed towards the larger good of humanity, not to raise claims against others or challenge the international order, he added.

Asked about his views of what are India’s soft power, he said the country’s exports have never been war and subjugation, but yoga, ayurveda, spirituality, science, mathematics, and astronomy.

“We have always been a contributor to global peace and progress. We believe that while we progress and become a modern nation, we should take pride and inspiration from our past and that we can progress only if we do it together with other nations,” he said.

To a question about the growth in the relationship between India and the US, he said their ties have been growing positively since the turn of the century and have accelerated and reached new levels in the past nine years.

“There is widespread support for deepening our ties, from all stakeholders, in both countries – be it government, Parliament, industry, academia and of course the people.

The US Congress has consistently extended bipartisan support for elevating our relationship,” he said.

The India-US partnership is perfectly placed in terms of interests, vision, commitments and complementarities to address the challenges of our times and contribute in a significant way to shaping the global order.

“As the challenges to the international order have grown, our partnership is responding with great sense of urgency and purpose. Trust, mutual confidence and belief in the relationship have been key ingredients. Advancing a free, open, inclusive and balanced Indo-Pacific region, is a shared goal. We pursue this with other partners in the region and beyond,” the prime minister said.

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