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Poem: Wilderness

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By: Syed Mustafa Ahmad

A brook is flowing noiselessly

The dogs are on prowl and the wolves are assembling in the lonely fields

A widow is looking out for her lost son in the cold night

The cold winds are bringing the news of death with them and the gravediggers have fallen asleep

A cart is plying on the road, with the horse spitting blood

In the sky, the stars are vanishing to give place to the pitch dark

On the broken bridge, the crippled are waiting to cross over

In the waters of the Jhelum, dirty drops of water mingle into it to make it murkier

The lightless sun is sad and the earth is barren

The thorny bushes catch the travelers to elongate their journey

The owls hoot in the starting of the day and the bats digest innumerable insects

Everywhere destruction is common while the life is cowering in fear

Heavy boots shake the muddy earth to wake death

Shrouds are torn to look for life

In this wilderness, life is ceasing

Gloomy weather with dark clouds haunts everyone

Cries of savagery burst the eardrums

In this atmosphere, who lives to see all this?

Wilderness has become common and it snatches life


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