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Life of a girl: A sad reality

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By: Tabiya Mukhtar

We all know that a girl is a very simple word but the sad reality behind the sweet word is that the girl is ignored everywhere. A girl whom we see as our mother, our sister, our friend, our wife, or as our daughter at different stages of our lives is hardly taken into account.

A girl is also a part of this society. As compared to a boy, the life of the girl is hard. The media never get tired of saying that girls are same as boys but the reality is totally opposite. From the day of birth to the day of death, this society judges a girl.

In the past, a girl child was killed in her mother’s womb. A girl was not allowed to study. A girl was considered as “impure” during menstruation. This was the talk of the bygone past, but now it is the 21st century. This mentality must have changed.

Unfortunately, in this century too, there is no change in the mindset. A girl is seen from a different angle. It is a fact that a boy and a girl go through many changes. The biological change is one of them. At a certain age, everything goes through a visible change. But this change in a girl is taken negatively, which is unacceptable.

In this atmosphere, a girl does not even feel safe at her own home. Taunting girls has become a trend now. Girls are judged: What they wear, what they do, where they go, etc. Sexual attacks and other traumatic events are also on rise, leading to the feeling of hopelessness and frustration.

It has a negative impact on girls. A girl is forced to marry a man whom she even doesn’t know. When it comes to maintaining a work-life balance, it’s always a girl who finds it challenging.

After marriage a girl also faces domestic violence or abuse. It has a serious impact on her mental health and lifestyle. A boy has totally forgotten that his origin is from a girl. It’s the girl who gives birth to a nation.  Every girl wants the society to understand their feelings.

At last, I want people to change their mentality towards girls. This ephemeral life is sweet when both the boys and the girls are treated at par. At the present, we need solutions to the grave problems; rather than wasting our precious time in futile taunts and remarks. Being a girl, I have the right to be critical and challenge the status quo. I have the right to live my life according to my conscience. I live in a democratic country where I am free to open my wings and soar as higher as I can.

(The budding writer is a student from Abanshah, HMT, Srinagar)

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