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Making the environs green

Making the environs green
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By: Mohammad Hanief

Trees play a significant importance in our environment and human well-being. Trees provide us fresh water to drink, air to breathe, shade, and food for humans, animals, and plants. Trees give habitats for various species of fauna and flora, materials for construction, and places of spiritual, cultural, firewood for cooking, and heat and recreational importance. Trees are so essential for the global environment and the health of the species that live there and they want our unconditional care and protection.

Trees also play an important part in every community. Streets, parks, playgrounds, and backyards are filled with trees that form a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Trees enhance our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban environments. We collect under the cool shade they provide during outdoor activities with family and friends. Several areas are also the home of quite old trees which serve as historic landmarks and a great reference of town pride.

When it is hot, human beings and animals look for an old tree that can give shade. There are several trees that people grow to give a good canopy for them to hold meetings and also have wonderful places to relax.

Besides, people from various cultures choose to hold meetings under trees. And, trees also provide building materials for human shelter as well as their animals. Trees also decrease the rate of evaporation and make the ground a better place to stay.

The canopies of trees serve as a physical filter, confining dust, and absorbing pollutants from the air. They also provide shade from solar radiation and lessen noise. Above 20 species of British trees and shrubs are recognized to have medicinal properties. Research proves that within minutes of being enclosed by trees and green space, your blood pressure drops, your heart rate slows and your stress levels come down.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide while they grow and the carbon that they store in their wood aids reduces the rate of global warming. Trees decrease wind speeds and cool the air as they lose moisture. And it reflects heat upwards from their leaves. It’s considered that trees can lessen the temperature in a city by up to 7°C. Trees also assist prevent flooding and soil erosion, etc.

As trees inhale Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, tree plantation is the best organic way that could be efficiently practised to reverse global warming and prevent climate change. In recent days, the importance of tree plantation has gained significant ground in many countries.

Trees host complex microhabitats. When young, they give habitation and food to wondrous communities of birds, insects, lichen, and fungi. When ancient, their trunks also provide the hollow cover required by species such as bats, wood boring beetles, and woodpeckers, etc.

One mature oak can be home to as many as 500 various species. Richmond Park is full of such trees, which is one of the purposes it has been named a National Nature Reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest.

For many years people used trees to use various ailments both in humans as well as their animals. Some of them are used for preparing solutions to drink. Others are rubbed on parts that are hurt. With time people applied to modern medicine, most of which is formed from different trees. Now even with technology, most people still depend on holistic trees for medication. Trees treat most ailments.

Trees protect the earth from soil erosion, fires, flooding, etc. Forest Garden farmers use trees as fences, windbreaks, and restrictions. Farmers use a living fence technique that has proven especially helpful in providing by forming a green wall to enhance their soil, provide a boundary, keep livestock out, and absorb and redirect heavy rains.

Trees sustain the distinctive character of a place and promote local pride. Woodlands can serve as an educational source and drive groups together for activities like walking and bird-watching. Trees are also valuable for children to play in and explore their sense of adventure.

People want to live, work, and invest in green surroundings. Research reveals that average house prices are 5-20 % higher when properties are near to mature trees. Companies get profit from a healthier, happier workforce if there are parks and trees nearby.

For the first time in history, the number of people with homes in cities will surpass those living in the countryside. Parks and trees will become an even more essential part of urban life. We should value them and preserve them for the future. Trees decrease urban noise almost as efficiently as stone walls. Trees, planted at strategic positions in a neighbourhood or around your house, can reduce major noises from freeways and airports.

The tree gives a great place to climb and explore. This is especially exciting in a world where technology can consume people’s interest. Children can learn to take risks while climbing trees. Adults can climb for robustness and strength building. Felled trees can become scale beams and a tall tree can give a good shelter or lookout during playtime.

Many birds, animals, and insects call trees home. The different levels and canopies of trees give habitat to a different array of wildlife from the lower levels up to the very high canopies. Forest Garden farmers usually also use trees as a place to build hives to bring bees to their land to help in pollination and to get honey. We are currently losing species at a dangerous measure so the space for biodiversity is critical as it helps keep our planet thriving.

Trees become a source of medicines, foods, and materials, improving our planet and lives in limitless ways.  We are continually discovering new ways that trees can benefit us. Research is uncovering hidden and beneficial ways in which trees enrich our planet and our lives. Without trees, we should not have a future.

Trees own a lot of important in our lives, and it gives seamless service to the environment. We somehow have not protected them and that is why as of today we are being affected by global warming, severe pollution, and other ill effects of deforestation. Trees can be used and nurtured nicely so that human beings can survive on this planet. We should help others to plant more and more trees. It is for our own progress and the earlier we understand this the better it is for us.

We should realize that one of the severe issues in the present condition is the devaluation of trees. Henceforth the attention to planting trees must be broadly spread to make our world’s condition greener and better. One should start contributing at an individual level. We should stop cutting down trees and remember that if there will be no tree, there will be no life.

The tree plays a major role in our life. Everyone must be aware of the importance of tree plantation and also motivate and inspire others to plant more trees. It is not just for the present generation who can enjoy the benefits of having trees but also the future generation should also get the advantages of having trees around.

(The author is a Srinagar based columnist)

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