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Don’t let education suffer

Don’t let education suffer
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By: Eijaz Mir

Let me begin with a beautiful quotation of English diction which states as, “An ordinary teacher tells, a good teacher teaches and an extraordinary teacher inspires”.

In other words, it is also said, “teaching is not everybody’s cup of tea”. Rather, it is a profession of Prophets, Sages, Gurus and Priests, a holier and pious task meant for the salvation of human beings. A person can never be a teacher without inheriting these special domains inside him/her.

A teacher is not an ordinary person like people belonging to other different professions. A teacher is different from them in many and unique ways and he has to be. He is very special among all of them. He is being considered the builder of the nation, which means the beautiful social setup is directly connected to the knowledge shared in the form of teachings and learning’s.

An extraordinary teacher builds the character of infinite people in such a beautiful way, where ignorance changes into decency, darkness changes into brightness and hatred changes into love etc. These are all the qualities of a good and qualified teacher. They burn themselves, execute energy and endorse tireless sacrifices so as to illuminate others. Such teachers are really the biggest human asset for the nation building.

They work for a mission; their thoughts are engulfed with sacred principles of teachings. They share knowledge of excellence, zeal and zest, overpowered with visionary leadership. They are never ordinary people like us. They are rare and special in all domains and aspects. They had already introspected themselves, that is why, we call them good teachers.

Since, we are presently living in 21st century, where I suppose, every dimension of human life has changed and has changed immensely. On one hand, we are experiencing a different era where technology has overlapped us physically as well as mentally. We turned slaves of machinery and so called technology.

On the other hand, we have witnessed a severe human catastrophe in the making i,e “a careless person so called Teacher”. At present, when we see the role of a teacher, It seems a horrible tragedy is awaiting us. Unfortunately, the institutions running in the name of education are working as business hubs and units. They loot parents in many ways. Whether, it may be purchasing of text books, note books, monthly tuition fee charges or annual fee charges. The biggest human destruction of all these tragedies is the compromise on education of students.

It is unfortunate to mention here that some private schools are charging huge amount of money to the parents in the form of fee dues and other charges. They have appointed incompetent and inefficient teaching faculty and are compromising on the education of students. This is totally ridiculous; they are not being even questioned for this loot by any supreme authority.

They are openly deteriorating the careers of our future generation. This trend is followed by some schools from last one decade and none has made them accountable for this kind of dictatorship policy and they are doing it openly under the eyes of supervisory officers of education department.

No doubt, some of the previous years were very hectic and proved unfavorable for the education sector and we suffered a lot in many ways due to Covid-19. But it doesn’t mean we cheat the students in one way or the other.

A good teacher can never compromise on education. He could never leak an unsafe message for his students. It is really hard to believe that such teachers are teaching in the schools, whether in private or in the government sector.

It is my heartfelt and heartbroken appeal to the educationists and the administrators that people are suffering from severe trauma since the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic. Some have been rendered jobless. They even now hardly manage to earn their livelihoods but still they prefer that their wards shall receive good education in the private schools.

In this connection, the owners of the school administration should appoint competitive teachers and retain them on handsome salary so that good output in future can be rich and the student’s career may be cherished on optimistic note.

A teacher working in the education sector should be there by his own choice, after selected by the panel of educational experts rather than by chance. A teacher should be aware of innovative skills of teaching and learning methodologies.

He should also know all other domains of teaching so that no limitations or drawbacks shall penetrate him. He should be an expert in his subject matter. An extraordinary teacher should be fully updated, what is happening in the four corners of the world. He should know all the pros and cons of his teaching subject. He should prepare a lesson plan regularly before entering the classroom.

A person can never be a good teacher, if he/she is a part of a school by chance, with zero will power. He can be only an extraordinary teacher, if he deserves and is a part of it by his own choice and will. It is the only sign of a dedicated teacher, who really deserves to be the part of teaching in the truest sense.

At the conclusion, I would like to put up my own opinion and view before the education department that kindly look into these grave matters and take them seriously. So that the prevailing catastrophe in education sector can be uprooted and every person who is serving there shall be made accountable and responsible for the system without any bias.

(The author is a freelancer who writes on contemporary issues)

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