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Saurabh Bhagat launches first phase of FlowMappr application

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Says app will empower women to understand their bodies better, ensure overall well being

SRINAGAR: Commissioner Secretary, Science & Technology, Saurabh Bhagat, Monday launched first phase of FlowMappr application.

Speaking on the occasion, Saurabh Bhagat lauded the efforts of Medansh Thusoo, former student of Jodhamal Public School for his visionary idea and out of the box thinking. He said that FlowMapp is set to revolutionize the way women track their monthly cycles while offering a safe and supportive environment for personal and professional discussion through its vibrant community tab.

“The FlowMappr app leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide women with an intuitive and accurate method for monitoring their ovulation and menstrual cycles. By utilizing cutting-edge algorithms and data analysis, FlowMappr empowers women to take control of their reproductive health, understand their bodies better and make informed decisions about their overall well-being”, said the Commissioner Secretary.

Earlier, Medansh Thusoo, in his PowerPoint Presentation, appreciated Commissioner Secretary’s invaluable guidance and support, which further reaffirms our commitment towards revolutionizing women’s healthcare”. He said that the “FlowMappr was born out of the desire to create a holistic solution for women to track their menstrual cycles while fostering a supportive community. We are thrilled to unveil this app and empower women across the globe to embrace their reproductive health.

Ensuring privacy and data security, FlowMappr incorporates an anonymous mode, allowing users to interact with each other while safeguarding their personal information. This unique feature ensures that individuals can freely express themselves without compromising their privacy, reinforcing FlowMappr’s commitment to user-centric design and data protection.

Prominent among others present on the occasion were Dr Nasir Shah, Additional Director, JKST&IS and Bilal Ahmed, Joint Director, JKST & IC.

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