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Drug Addiction and measures to detox

Drug Addiction and measures to detox
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By: Dr.Bilal Ahmad Dar

Drug addiction among youth is alarmingly rampant these days. Some years ago, the percentage of this menace was very miniscule. Earlier it was prevalent only among ill-counselled and unlettered people, but now unfortunately; this addictive scourge has engulfed the student community as well; the community that is considered as the linchpin of any nation for its survival and strength.

Reasons of Drug Addiction

Why do our youth consume drugs? There are a range of reasons responsible for it. The most explicit and defined ones are:

  1. Watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies and serials that portray drug consuming character in a heroically glorifying style.
  2. Mental frustration of youth due to unemployment, joblessness, and financial precocity.
  3. Lack of proper parental counselling to the adolescent boys and girls when they are going through the periods of storm and strife due to the hormonal changes during the age adolescence.
  4. Troubled relationship with one’s parents, siblings, spouses or friends.
  5. Easy availability of drugs in markets though clandestinely.
  6. Lack of moral education.

Drug addiction has a plethora of bad effects linked to it. It not only devastates the physical health of a person but also nonpluses the soundness of his/her psychological mechanism.

Due to this a drug addicted person becomes a social outcast and it becomes very difficult for him to get adjusted in a good social coterie as nobody accepts him. This results in his social ostracization. This social ostracization never permits him/her for marriage. This is the most tragic result of drug addiction.

When our youth feel frustrated because of one reason or the other, they consume drugs in order to get the temporary relief from this mental frustration; hardly knowing that this drug consumption cannot remediate their mental anxiety and ennui. Our youth should sublimate their urge to drugs by way of what Sigmund Freud calls ‘Transference’. It means instead of banking on drug consumption they should find some friendly and profitable alternative to it.

Measures to detox

Although recovery from drug addiction is a very challenging and daunting job, but it is not insurmountable. One can easily de-addict and detox oneself from the menace of this drug addiction by following some effective means. The most effective and expenses free measure is that of physical exercise or physical games.

Physical exercise or for that matter involving oneself in physical games is the best antidote to any sort of harmful addiction. Physical exercise and games make us physically strong and mentally sound.

Keeping this in mind, our youth should take part in physical exercises in order to remain physically strong and to kill the boredom and ennui of every sort. They should enroll themselves in fitness centers in order to make their physical bodies fit and their mental health sound because a Latin adage tells us that Mens Sana in Corpore Sano (Healthy mind in a healthy body). It means that healthy mind is possible only in a healthy body.

We should resist against these life taking stuffs because consuming a particular drug further aggravates the problems of a person. It makes him physically frail and economically bankrupt. Physical exercise in comparison costs a person nothing and makes him/her physically as well as mentally smart and sound.

When a person participates in any sort of physical exercise or any type of entertaining game it generates serotonin, a chemical that plays a key role in such body functions as mood, sleep, digestion, and sexual desires. The generation of serotonin through physical exercise drives away from the mind of a person every sort of complicated worldly cares.  But it is very unfortunate and tragic on the part of our misguided youth that they snowball their problems by consuming drugs in their cozy chambers instead of taking part in exercises and games.

Apart from physical exercises and games, there are many other entertaining and the same time lucrative activities through which our youth can unburden their worldly cares and concerns. Reading of literature is one such activity. If a person feels cornered and helpless, he should read self-help books like Codependent No More by Melody Beattie, Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein, and Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis and Larry Sloman. All these books are about the flipsides of drug addiction.

Besides reading these books, reading of novels and trade books can also save our youth from being the victims of drug addiction.  Reading moral and religious literature is the most efficacious means to say goodbye to every sort of drug. When we go through religious and morals books they sublimate our so-called socially unacceptable instincts and desires into socially approved behavior and acts. In addition to this, family and friends can help a victim in getting rid of this menace through proper counseling and advice. Our police can play a major role in stopping this menace by acting sympathetically tough on the victims.

It has been scientifically proven that drugs provide a temporary relief and peace to the disturbed and disoriented mind. The usually target the reward system of the person’s brain. They flood the person’s brain with a chemical called dopamine. This chemical triggers a feeling of intense pleasure because of which the person keeps taking the drug. Once the effects of the intoxication are over, one feels more dogged by the fears and frets.

I want to tell our youth that drug addiction is not a solution to any vexing and baffling problem rather it worsens the problem by blocking the faculty of judgment, decision-making and memory. Besides, drug addiction is a social taboo and has been prohibited by every religion. We must display grit and strong resistance to the lure of drugs because it is said that discretion is the better part of the valor. Thereby hangs a tale!

(The writer works as a Lecturer (English) in School Education Department)


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