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Vitasta Festival celebrates its second consecutive day

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Enchanting folk artists leave audiences spellbound

SRINAGAR: The “Vitasta Cultural Festival” continued its vibrant celebration for the second consecutive day at the Sheri Kashmir International Convention Centre in Srinagar.

The festival showcased a diverse array of cultural programmes featuring fascinating performances by talented folk artists including singers and dancers, which left the audience enthralled and captivated.

In addition, a thought provoking seminar titled “Kashmir and Buddhism” was also organised at the venue.

The highlight of Saturday’s programme was the mesmerising performance by the esteemed veteran folk singer Gulzar Gannai, leaving attendees filled with delight and excitement. His captivating presence on stage enthralled the audience, leaving them in awe of his singing talent.

To elevate spirit of the event, renowned Kalakshetra Foundation from Chennai presented a graceful Bharatanatyam performance of Sarada Stotram. The enchanting performance added a touch of grace and artistry to the festival, captivating the audience with the beauty of Bharatanatyam and the divine verses of Sarada Stotram.

Furthermore, the celebrated Chaman Lehri mesmerised the audience with his captivating rendition of Dogri music, enthralling everyone with his enchanting melodies. The graceful movements and soulful expressions added an extra layer of charm to the occasion.

Additionally, the National School of Drama (NSD) from Delhi presented a poignant opera inspired by the evocative poems of Dinanath Nadeem. The opera conveyed profound emotions, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts of the spectators.

Alongside the captivating cultural performances, an insightful seminar titled “Kashmir and Buddhism” was organised, aiming to present a historical perspective on the Buddhist era in Kashmir. This seminar provided a platform to delve into the rich historical connection between Kashmir and Buddhism, shedding light on the significant cultural and spiritual impact of Buddhism in the region. Expert speakers shared their knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of Kashmir’s Buddhist heritage.

Pertinently, the grand festival, bearing the ancient Vedic name of the Jhelum River, aims to embody the vision of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ (One India, Great India) under the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative. By invoking the spirit of unity and diversity, the festival serves as a platform to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of India, fostering a sense of national pride and harmony among its participants.

This third and final edition of a series is being organised by the Union Ministry of Culture, through the North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala. The earlier two parts of the festival were organised in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Pune (Maharashtra).

In addition, the festival aims to provide a vibrant platform for celebrating and showcasing the diverse cultural and traditional heritage of Jammu and Kashmir. It encompasses a wide range of artistic expressions, including music, singing, dances, handicrafts, and cuisine, all of which are unique to the region. By highlighting these rich cultural forms, the festival promotes appreciation, preservation, and recognition of the artistic treasures that contribute to the distinct identity of Jammu and Kashmir.

At the venue, visitors had the opportunity to explore and indulge in the display and sale of Jammu and Kashmir’s beautiful craft items and cuisines. The event showcased the region’s artistic craftsmanship, allowing attendees to appreciate and purchase authentic creations.

Furthermore, the festival celebrated cultural exchange by featuring representations from states like Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, adding a delightful touch of diversity and fostering cross-cultural connections among attendees.

Meanwhile, the organisers have announced that the mesmerising performances will continue on the final day of the Vitasta festival, scheduled for tomorrow, June 25. Among the highlights, the renowned Abhay Sopori and Group will take the stage, enchanting the audience with their mastery of musical instruments such as the Santoor, Rabab, and Guitar.

Also, Ustad Shafi Sopori will grace the event with his captivating Kashmiri Qawwali performance.

To add a touch of Bollywood flair, a Bollywood Orchestra will also take centre stage, presenting popular film songs filmed in the scenic Valley. The final day promises to be a captivating culmination of the festival, leaving attendees with lasting memories of extraordinary performances.

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