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Internet connectivity has become an unavoidable fact which the administration has also realized. For most of our work, be it availing various government services and facilities or providing access to knowledge hub for the students, internet connectivity has become a must.

Though most areas in cities and towns have been covered by various private players, the issue of internet connectivity still remains in various rural areas. And to cover this gap the government has extended services of ‘Bharat-Net’ to Gram Panchayats.

Thrust has been put on swift implementation of this mission for the overall benefit of all the rural households especially the students, and other stakeholders. The high speed internet services have gained significance in the last few years and as most of the services have been turned into e-mode, reliance on the internet has grown manifold.

Notably, Jammu and Kashmir has already made a mark in digital governance where most of the services have been put for public use through the e-governance model. Therefore, extending the services of high speed internet to all the citizens can only ensure that the objective of digital J&K is fulfilled.

Ig Gram Panchayats are connected under Bharat-Net project, the services can be utilized for provisioning of broadband/internet services through Wi-Fi Hotspots, Fibre to the Home (FTTH) connections, leased lines, dark fibre and backhaul to mobile towers.

Since the project aims to provide affordable broadband services to citizens and institutions in rural and remote areas, towards realization of the vision of ‘Digital India’, the move will revolutionize the entire service delivery mechanism as people will avail the internet facilities and subsequently the services that have been made online.

In Jammu & Kashmir, 988 Gram Panchayats (GPs) have been declared service ready by Bharat Broadband Network Ltd. (BBNL) under Bharat Net project of GoI. The administration here intends to further extend the connectivity of 427Gram Panchayats to various J&K UT government owned departments like schools, Anganwadi, Health Centre, Police Stations, Post offices etc. and also provide private broadband connections (FTTH connections) in the rural areas.

Under the project it is proposed to create infrastructure of 350 connections for one Gram Panchayat. Assuming 350 FTTH (Fibre to The Home) broadband connections in each GPs are likely to be connected under Bharat-Net project in J&K.

Extending Services of Bharat-Net to Last Mile Connectivity (LMC) in 427 GPs is the most important initiatives being rolled out by the government here. Among the benefits of the project are high availability, increased productivity, enhanced security, cost reduction, increased transparency and enhanced connectivity.

The use of internet and e-services has made life easy for the commoners and has even brought an element of transparency and reliability in various government departments.

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