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Lamentable era of writers

Lamentable era of writers
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By: Adnan Shafi

In the present literary panorama, one cannot help but perceive a disheartening state of affairs, bearing witness to the lamentable condition of today’s writers. With the progression of time, it turns out to be progressively obvious that a huge decrease in ability, creativity, and commitment has burdened the domain of writing.

We find ourselves bereft of the evocative descriptions and captivating imagery that once transported readers to extraordinary realms. Instead, today’s writers, seemingly content with the ordinary and commonplace, have regrettably forsaken the art of crafting eloquent prose. Their sentences stumble awkwardly, devoid of grace or elegance, leaving readers yearning for the literary virtuosity of bygone days.It appears that originality has become an artifact of the past.

The current generation of writers seems content to recycle tired, formulaic plots, extinguishing the spark of novelty until it is naught but a distant memory. Gone are the days of suspense, unpredictability, and imaginative storytelling. Instead, modern writers engage in a race to the bottom, producing predictable narratives and contrived twists that can be anticipated from miles away.

Characters, once the lifeblood of any narrative, have regrettably become shallow and one-dimensional, lacking depth or complexity. Contemporary writers rely on flimsy stereotypes, substituting genuine human emotions and intricate personas with hollow caricatures.

This dearth of character development and authenticity leaves readers disconnected and unengaged. In their quest for attention, today’s writers resort to gimmicks and shock value, rather than investing in genuine substance. Shock tactics, gratuitous violence, and explicit content have become the preferred methods to compensate for the absence of true literary prowess.

Unfortunately, these cheap ploys only serve to underscore the scarcity of creativity and originality plaguing the current generation of writers. This lamentable situation in the domain of writing is without a doubt a demoralizing reality. The absence of expertise, creative mind, and relentless obligation to the specialty has driven us down a way of unremarkableness and stagnation.

However, as discerning readers, we must demand more. We must reject the insipid offerings of these contemporary writers and seek solace in the enduring works that still resonate with the profound depths of human emotion and intellect. The future of literature hinges on our unwavering refusal to settle for anything less than brilliance. Perhaps contemporary writers possess an innate and divine endowment when it comes to the realm of literature, yet I posit that the rationale I have expounded upon is clear and irrefutable.

One cannot disregard the veracity of the matter at hand. In this present age, it appears that these writers exhibit their aptitude solely for the sake of meager remuneration, thus leading to the gradual obliteration of the entire corpus of written works. Alas, the intrinsic value and profound impact that once resided within the realm of literature seem to have been overshadowed by a pursuit of monetary gain, ultimately diminishing the brilliance and integrity that literature once emanated.

Such a lamentable state of affairs it is, where the contemporary breed of writers, though blessed with an intrinsic talent bestowed upon them by the divine, seem to be driven primarily by pecuniary motivations. Gone are the days when literature thrived as an art form, revered for its ability to transcend the mundane and elevate the human spirit. Instead, we find ourselves witnessing a relentless pursuit of mere pennies, which tragically undermines the very essence of literary creation.It is not to suggest that contemporary writers lack talent or potential.

Undoubtedly, there are still gifted individuals who possess the ability to create remarkable literary works that can stir the soul and provoke profound contemplation. However, the prevailing climate of commercialization and the race for financial rewards have hindered the nurturing and celebration of such talents. As a consequence, we find ourselves witnessing a gradual erosion of the literary legacy that has enriched our cultural heritage for centuries.

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