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A person whom you will call ‘mine’

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By: Uzma Nazir

What is a relationship?

A relationship is generally a bond or connection between two persons of the same gender or of opposite genders. Usually, when people talk about relationships, it means being in a committed,long term romantic affair.

There are four basic types of relationships: family relationships, friendships, acquaintanceships and romantic relationships. Some other nuanced types of relationships include work relationship, teacher -student relationship and community or group relationship. Some of these relationships can overlap and coincide with one another, e.g two people can be both work colleagues as well as close friends. So developing relationships is seen everywhere.

Value of relationships

We spend our lives craving it, searching for it and talking about it. Its meaning is felt more than it is clearly expressed. It is  the greatest virtue… it is love… It is the most powerful and most beautiful moment when we meet another person and feel energised and are immediately aware of heat pounding. The three components of love are intimacy, passion and commitment.

How to build a healthy relationship

Maintaining a strong and long lasting relationship requires a constant and consistent care with a good mutual understanding and communication. Each individual in a relationship should feel confident that his/her partner is willing to devote his/her time and attention to him/her. They both also must be committed in accommodating and adjusting their differences as these differences change over time.

How to find love

Love is a beautiful relationship based upon trust but fake love has become quite rampant these days. Things like money, name, fame, sex and lust are nowadays common in the name of love relationships. Those beautiful days of the past have gone when people used to love someone truly and could do anything for their beloveds. Nowadays, it isn’t easy to find true love in this materialistic world.

However, like any other counterfeit, this fake love also doesn’t stay long, whereas a true relationship stays forever. A true relationship is when you can share anything and everything with each other. There should be no secrets, no lies at all in a true relationship. Strong and long lasting bonds are built on trust. Without trust there can’t be a long lasting relationship as it acts as a basic need for a long lasting relationship.

Love in Islam

Love in Islam is all encompassing. It promotes healthy and truthful relationships between men and women towards family, friends and to our neighbours. It was narrated from Ibn Abbas that the messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, there is nothing like a marriage for two who love one another. No love between two souls is greater than that between the spouses. (Tafsir ibn kathir)

Whom to call mine

Finding a partner with whom to share our life is a wonderful feeling but undoubtedly a difficult process. I am not desperate for a relationship but I do miss the feeling of having someone who can make me smile and make me to feel appreciated. Someone whose first and last thing of everyday will be calling and texting me.

Someone who will be always there to hold me whenever I would feel vulnerable. Someone who will overlook my defects and would love me for who I am. Someone whose presence will delight me and give me butterflies in my stomach. Someone who will correct me whenever I am wrong. Someone who will find perfections in my imperfection. Someone whom I can truly call mine. A successful marriage requires always falling in love with the same person.OAlmighty Allah ! Grant me someone who will hold my hand to jannah…Aameen

(The author is a clinical psychologist and a counselor)



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