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Other side of the biological fence

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By: Akshya Gera

Akshya, “go and get a glass of water for Vinod Uncle.” Since the day I attained consciousness, I was subjected to household chores by my mother. When objected, I was at the receiving end of a haggard frown and a feminine comment, “Girls should learn doing all this. Eventually one day you will have to go to your in-laws’ house.”

At that tender age when a child’s imagination runs wild and he/she intends to play and make merry, I was busy running those tasteless errands. My grandmother was the only Messiah who comforted me. She would stealthily get me dolls and candies and warn me not to share it with my siblings so as it keep it a secret. Even her slightest sight would fling open the doors of ecstasy for me. After all, love is all that a child demands and for me, my grandmother was the God of love, not the cupid.

The other day, I woke up to a devastating news. I had my luggage packed and I was asked to move in with my Taya Ji (Paternal Uncle). I cried, I sobbed, I screamed but only the walls heard me. But as we all know that children are like clay, they can be moulded in any shape. So was I. But it did not take me long to realize that I in that house was no less than a bonded labour. Akshya get this, Akshya get that started echoing in my ears and I started hating myself to be on the other side of the biological fence. My male cousins relished all the joys of life while I was deprived of both love and luxuries.

With the advancement in age, my school became a safe haven for me. I found solace in studies and while I was doing good in academics, a hard truth dawned upon me that, “Academic accolades can bring a paradigm shift in my life. It can break away all the shackles and I can run azure on gold sands.”

Since then, I never looked back and I dedicated my life to education. After my grade 12, my guardians agreed to send me to Jaipur for my bachelors not for the sake of education but just for the matrimonial alliance. My love for studies continued and with my ardent efforts, I topped the university and managed to secure a seat in MBA at LMT School of Management. It was like a dream coming true.

MBA turned out to be a catalyst for me. The entire program shaped an uncut rock into a beautiful masterpiece. I was lauded for my endeavours and it developed a sense of integrity in me. I started admiring myself. I saw a strong woman in the making. I could sense that I was at the stepping stone from where I could fly the blue yonder.

With my persistent efforts, I landed myself in a dream job in the Department of Marketing at Hyundai Motors. This restored the long-crippled wings of a girl who like her counterparts wanted to go places. This achievement somehow helped me qualify for the same respect as the males in my family.

(The author has done her masters in Business Management)

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