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Waste water treatment has to be modernised

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

The world is progressing at a rapid pace, and this progression is exerting a lot of pressure on natural resources. The resources are limited, but demand has been increased to all time higher.

The nations are facing many challenges including climate change, extinction of natural flora and fauna, acute crisis of fresh water etc. Tremendous population growth has put stress on water and sanitation system.

One of the major issues of present days is the management of wastewater being generated from domestic, hospital, industries, and agricultural sectors. Discharge of wastewater into rivers, seas, and oceans harms the aquatic environment in many ways such as acidification, nutrient enrichment, high level of growth, oxygen depletion and many others.

This has lead to the extinction of rich flora and fauna of aquatic systems and also has indirect impact on human health by means of bio-magnifications. Over the years, technologies have developed and many advanced methods have been emerged which are more efficient, cheap and eco-friendly in treating wastewater.

Methods like Removal of dye-based recalcitrant from aqueous matrices using radical driven Advanced Oxidation/Reduction Processes, membrane based separation technique, a combined solvent extraction and ion exchange process and a number of other advanced biological means has to be employed at various levels of wastewater treatment.

Vijaykumar H K, (Environmentalist), Raichur, Karnataka


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