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Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

It’s summer, which means heatwaves are unavoidable. According to studies, India is particularly vulnerable to heatwaves as they become more common and severe as a result of climate change.

Until now, at least 15 people have died from heatstroke in Karnataka. The world is becoming warmer as time passes, and India is becoming even warmer and earlier in the year. The weather in India may have eased slightly in terms of temperature highs, but the pattern of the last few years suggests there is no room for complacency.

In this summer, India’s climate vulnerability is very high, and people must be made aware of the heat index, a more precise measure of human body discomfort in terms of temperature and humidity. Employers must take into account how much outdoor work employees can handle in the summer, and they must implement smarter methods of managing people while assisting them in dealing with the climate crisis.

India cannot afford to be complacent about extreme weather-related mortality, which claims lives every year while also undermining social development goals and affecting the GDP, as approximately crores of people are said to experience heat-related stress, despite the fact that 90% of India is said to be in the extremely cautious range of heatwave impacts as measured by the heat index. While governments can help educate people about the risks, people must learn to take far more precautions than they do now.

Vijaykumar H K (Environmentalist), Raichur, Karnataka

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