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Bazm-e-Adab Gulmarg Kashmir Hosts One-Day Seminar on Sufi Poetry

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By: Tousif Raza

Tangmarg: Townhall Tangmarg was abuzz with literary fervor as Bazm e Adab Gulmarg Kashmir organized a one-day seminar on Sufi poetry, which commenced with the book release ceremony of acclaimed Sufi poet Bilal Ahmad Hajam.

Eminent poets from the Kashmir Valley graced the event, and Mehboob Bilal presented a paper on Bilal’s poetry collection, adding scholarly insights to the occasion. The ceremony was presided over by Hilal Kashmiri, the President of Bazm e Adab Gulmarg Kashmir, and the presidium was shared by Syed Bashir Kousar and Gulfam Barji, with Taseef Raza conducting the ceremony.

In his presidential address, Hilal Kashmiri stated, “The book ‘Hoo Kis Naaras Pholni Poash’ is a complete collection of Sufi poetry and carries a thought-provoking message for every sect of humanity.” He emphasized the importance of Sufi poetry in today’s scientific age, where the soulful essence of poetry can transcend boundaries and inspire the human spirit. Syed Bashir Kousar, a renowned poet, echoed similar sentiments, saying, “Sufi poetry holds profound significance in the modern era, as it imparts timeless wisdom and touches the heart.”

The ceremony was followed by a symposium, which was presided over by Abdul Rasheed Shahbaz, with the presence of Gulshan Badrani and Abdul Aziz Bitab in the presidency. The symposium was conducted by Parvez Mir, a young prominent poet and broadcaster, who facilitated engaging discussions on various aspects of Sufi poetry. The participants shared their thoughts on the spiritual and philosophical aspects of Sufi poetry, its relevance in contemporary times, and its impact on society.

The event received positive reactions from the attendees. One of the participants Latif Niyazi expressed, “The book release ceremony and the symposium were a true celebration of Sufi poetry, and it was inspiring to see such esteemed poets coming together to share their insights.” Another participant, Peer Atiq Ullah, remarked, “The discussions during the symposium were enlightening, and it reinforced the significance of Sufi poetry in our lives. It was a memorable event.”

The one-day seminar organized by Bazm e Adab Gulmarg Kashmir was a fitting tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Sufi poetry, providing a platform for poets and literary enthusiasts to come together, celebrate Bilal Ahmad Hijam’s book release, and engage in meaningful conversations on the enduring relevance of Sufi poetry in the modern world.

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