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Special Summary Revision: Chief Electoral Officer visits Polling Stations in Samba District

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SAMBA: Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Jammu and Kashmir, Pandurang Kondbarao Pole Saturday visited polling stations in Samba district to assess the overall conduct of the ongoing special Summary Revision exercise for the year 2023 for which special camps are being organised to facilitate the public.

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) was accompanied by District Election Officer Samba, Anuradha Gupta. During the visit to the polling stations, the CEO reviewed the facilities provided to applicants and voters, interacted with the BLOs and election staff and stressed the need for conduct of smooth revision process in the district.

The CEO reviewed the facilities provided to applicants and voters visiting the special camps organized and interacted with the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) and election staff, as well as locals.

The CEO started the visit by inspecting polling stations including PS Bari-Brahmana, Vijaypur and Swankha where the special Summary Revision exercise is underway. He reviewed the process of revision of electoral rolls and verified the facilities provided to applicants, including the availability of forms, assistance for filling forms, and proper arrangements for receiving and processing applications. He also checked the arrangements made for voters visiting the special camps organized to facilitate the revision process.

During his interaction with the BLOs and election staff, the CEO emphasized the importance of impartiality, transparency, and efficiency in the revision process. He stressed the need for thorough verification of applications and inclusion of eligible voters in the electoral rolls, while ensuring that no ineligible names are included. He also urged the officials to provide prompt and courteous assistance to applicants and voters, and to resolve any grievances or issues that may arise during the process.

The CEO further appreciated the efforts  put in by the district administration and the election machinery in organizing the special camps and facilitating the revision process. He  urged them to continue their efforts to ensure that the revision exercise is conducted smoothly and in accordance with the guidelines and instructions issued by the Election Commission of India.

For maximum registration, the CEO directed the election machinery to conduct a door-to-door exercise to ensure maximum participation of eligible voters in the special Summary Revision exercise. He emphasized the importance of reaching out to every eligible voter, including those in remote areas, to ensure that they are able to exercise their democratic right to vote.

Furthermore, Pole reiterated the priority given to provision of Election cards for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). He directed the officials to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made to facilitate the inclusion of PwDs in the electoral rolls, and to provide them with the required assistance during the revision process.

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