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People have always stood for the idea of one united India: PM Modi

People have always stood for the idea of one united India: PM Modi
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Chennai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said people across the country always had a clear concept of the nation and as a country, for thousands of years, it reflected the spirit of “Ek Bharat Shrest Bharat,” one India, great India.

His remark is seen as a veiled attack on the ruling DMK which had a war of words with Governor RN Ravi on similar themes.

In his address at celebrations commemorating the 125th Anniversary of Sri Ramakrishna Math here, Modi said he has deep respect for the Ramakrishna Math and that it played an important role in his life.

Modi said he felt inspired and energetic after meditating at the Vivekananda House here, where the legendary monk had stayed in 1897.

“Today I got the opportunity to visit the Vivekananda House where Swami Vivekananda had stayed here after he returned from his famous trip of the West. Meditating here was a special experience, I feel inspired and energetic. I am happy to see that ancient ideas are reaching the younger generation through modern technology here,” he said.

Ramakrishna Math is serving Tamil Nadu in many different areas like educaiton, libraries and book banks, leprosy awareness and rehabilitation, health care and nursing and rural development.

The impact of the Math on Tamil Nadu came later and the first was the impact Tamil Nadu had on Vivekananda.

In Kanyakumari at the famous rock, the Swami discovered the purpose of his life which transformed him and its impact was felt in Chicago. Later, when he returned from West he first set foot on the holy soil of Tamil Nadu. The Raja of Ramnad received him with great respect and when Swami came to Chennai it was very special event, a festivity, the PM said.

“Swami Vivekananda was from Bengal, he was welcomed like a hero in Tamil Nadu. This happened long before India became independent. People across the country had a clear concept of India. As a nation for thousands of years, this is the spirit of Ek Bharat Shrest Bharat. It is the same spirit that Ramakrishna Math works with across India; they have many institutions serve people selflessly.”

The Prime Minister, pointing to the success of Kashi Tamil Sangamam, referred to the Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam and said: “I wish great success to all such efforts to further India’s unity.”

The government’s philosophy is also inspired by Swami Vivekananda. The monk said that whatever privilege was broken and equality was ensured, society progresses. “Today you can see the same vision in all our flagship programmes. Earlier even basic facilities were treated like privileges. Many people were denied the fruits of progress. Only a select few people or a small group were allowed to access it. Now the doors of development is opened to everyone.”

Mudra Yojana is celebrating its 8th anniversary today. Tamil Nadu’s small entrepreneurs made the State a leader in Mudra yojana. Nearly 38 crore collateral free loans have been given to small entrepreneurs, a huge number being women and those from marginalised sections of society. Be it bank loan for business, housing, power, LPG connections, toilets, more are reaching every family, he said. Vivekananda had a grand vision for India.

“I am sure he is proudly watching India working to fulfill his vision. His most central message was about faith in ourselves and our country. Today many experts are saying this will be India’s century. Every Indian feels it is our time now. We engage with the world from the position of confidence and mutual respect.”

Quoting the celebrated monk, he said when women have right platform, they would lead society and solve problems themselves. Today India believes in women-led development. Be it start-ups, sports, armed forces or higher education, women are breaking barriers and creating new records, the PM added.

Sports and fitness are to be crucial for character development. Today society has began to see sports as a professional choice rather than just an extra activity.

Yoga and Fit India have become mass movements. Swami believed that education empowers.

“Today, the NEP (Naitonal Education Policy) has brought in reforms that brings global best practices to India. Skill development has received unprecedented support. We also have one of the world’s most vibrant tech and scientific eco systems,” he said.

It was in Tamil Nadu that Swami Vivekananda said something significant for India of today. He said assimilating five ideas and living for such ideas fully was very powerful. The nation just celebrated 75 years of Independence.

The nation has set its sights on making the next 25 years as “Amrit Kal,” which can be used to achieve great things by assismilating five ideas, the Panch Pran, he said.

These are goals of a developed India, removing any traces of colonial mindset, celebrating our heritage, strengthening unity and focusing on our duties.

“Can we all collectively and individually resolve to follow these five priniciples, if 140 crore people make such a resolve, we can build a developed, self reliant and inclusive India by 2047.” In this mission, “we have the blessings of Swami Vivekananda,” Modi added.

Flanked by monks of the Ramakrishna Mission, he paid floral tributes to a portrait of Swami Vivekananda. “Vivekanandar Illam” (Vivekananda House) in the city is a historic place where the iconic monk stayed for nine days in 1897.

A statue of Vivekananda was presented to the Prime Minister as a memto. Governor R N Ravi, Tamil Nadu Industries Minister Thangam Thennarasu, Union Minister of State L Murugan participated.

Praising the institution’s services to the people, Modi expressed happiness for being among the Tamil people. He said he has great affection for them.

“I love the Tamil language, culture and the vibe of Chennai.”

Modi also quoted a couplet from Tirukkural, which means means “in both this world and the world of gods there is nothing like kindness.” He released a book authored by a Swami of the math, Tapasyananda.

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