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POEM: The chaotic phase!

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By: Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi

You are nowhere, but I’m still looking at those ways,

Where you once told me that only love eternally stays

Where are you, where is love and where are those days?

I see nothing you left me in a haze that too in my chaotic phase!

Whenever I see loving birds outside passing by,

The window questions me that how did I love her and why?

This is a story of woe never think it’s a lie

I don’t know what to utter, I just want to cry!

I have heard that she nowadays lives a life

Look at me my life is living me with strife.

You were a hunter, your betrayal hunt me by an edgeless knife;

After all, Hell has become my life!

Where are you, Where is love and Where are those days?

Save me, hug me I don’t want to dwell in this chaotic phase

Please come back my dear! Prove that love eternally stays!

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