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JKReTTF Distt Kup demands release of MDM funds

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Srinagar: The District President of JKReTTF KUpwara Sheikh Parvaiz on Tuesday expressed concern over delay in release of MDM incharges which, according to him, were pending for the last seven to eight months.

In a statement issued here, he said the MDM in-charges besides their legitimate duties ensured proper and hygienic meals be served to the students.

“At times these teachers bought things from their own pocket but the larger part costing thousands has been borrowed from the nearby shopkeepers against sheer assurances,” he said.

The statement reads that earlier funds of two to three months were released but later a complete stalemate was seen in the allocation of funds which led to the piling up of liabilities for seven months.

“The shopkeepers, for the remaining balances, are now visiting their houses on a routine basis which, at times, thwarts them to step outside or play the ‘hide’ in hide and seek,” the statement reads.

“How long we have to wait to honourably step outside of our houses. We only request the concerned authorities to forthwith release the pending amount in order to alleviate the inconvenience caused due to this uncalled for delay,” it reads.

The district president JKRReTF said that the government should immediately find ways to mitigate these financial hiccups and also understand the societal coercions a teacher has to face when being put to such inconveniences.

“We request the authorities to either smoothen the financial management with regards to the timely MDM fund allocation or engage private agencies or PRIs to undertake its execution from here onwards in schools,” the statement reads.

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